This Social Initiative To Combat Coronavirus Scare Will Melt Your Heart 

People, organisations and philanthropists from across the globe are coming up with unique initiatives to combat the Coronavirus scare. One such company is this London-based firm called InkPact. Read on to what they’ve started doing. By Kumar Shree

InkPact has come up with #CoLoveletters that are meant to spread love and cheer during the pandemic. These letters are meant for spreading positivity and will be delivered to doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and those who could use some good vibes at this time. The company functions on the idea of fostering human connections and it does so via handwritten letters and branded stationery notes. This helps personalise even the most formal of communications such as the ones between business owners and employees, and between service providers and customers.

“For years, handwritten letters have been connecting people through war, illnesses and across oceans. The world needs now, more than ever, a moment of delight opening that envelope you weren’t expecting and reading inked words of love from a stranger who cares,” said Charlotte Pearce, CEO of InkPact.

InkPacts has a scribe team of around 400 people to write these letters. This include a motley mix of students, elderly people and single mothers. You don’t need to worry about the hygiene part of it, if one of these letters land up in your mailbox, for the company is taking absolute care of it. Anyone who’s showing symptoms of the virus is asked not to contribute for at least three weeks. Those who are contributing need to wash their hands before they begin to write. Just to be double sure, the letters are sanitised once before they are sent out.

“People are craving human connection more than ever today. We are losing the ability to handwrite letters, so I am glad it’s coming back to people’s thoughts. A letter can be a keepsake someone saves for years, which truly makes their day,” adds Pearce.

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