Top 5 Colourful Beaches Around The World: 2020 Travel Bucket List!

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Picture your perfect relaxing getaway. Does it involve a blue sea with the gentle lapping waves? Does it involve a lovely breeze with the sticky sweet smell of sand? Do you see yourself bathing in the sun with your feet buried in yellow sand? Ah, perfection. By Quoyina Ghosh

Or is the sand black or pink or red or green or orange? No, I’m not losing my mind. I’m merely telling you about the wonders that our planet is home to; one of which are colourful beaches.

1. Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Islands (Bahamas)

It is said that rose tinted glasses make life seem beautiful. Here, you won’t even need them! A complex result of a mix of calcium carbonate, corals and shells, make pink beaches absolutely unreal to look at. Don’t believe us? Head to the famous pink beach of Harbour Islands, Bahamas. If turquoise blue waters, soft pink sands and good restaurants are what you’re looking for, you’ve struck gold. La Vie En Rose, indeed!

2. Green Sand Beach, Big Island (Hawaii)

How many times in your life have you come across a green beach? Never? Well, this is your chance to rectify that. At the Green Sand beach in Hawaii, the surrounding lava rocks have olivine crystals in them which are known for their unique green colour. When these crystals break down due to constant erosion and make their way to the beach, a fascinating green colour ensues. You only live once, so go ahead and mark a tick against your bucket list item named ‘sunbathing on a green beach’.

3. Red Sand Beach, Paracas (Peru)

With the breakdown of an igneous rock named pink granodiorite and the subsequent carrying away of these fragments by ocean waves, the famous red sand beach of Peru is formed. If drama, colour and some fantastic views are what you’re looking for, this beach is the place for you to be.

4. Black Sand Beach, Iceland

There’s bizarre, there’s beautiful and then there’s the perfect amalgamation of the two at the black sand beach of Iceland. The presence of volcanic materials makes the sands of this beach appear black. However, beyond science and reason, think about the prospect of experiencing a black beach. If you’re seeking unique sights, you might want to start here.

5. Rainbow Beach, Queensland (Australia)

Since the focus is on colourful beaches in the world, it is only fair that after monochromatic beaches, we end with a rainbow. This beach in Australia is renowned for its vastly coloured sand dunes created due to the presence of the various minerals found here. It is said that more than 70 different colours can be spotted in these dunes. You want more colour in your life? This is the place to be. Quite literally!

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