Co-working spaces are the new-age offices that every one is eyeing these days. But, can you imagine working at a co-working space that needs you to hike for 4-kms before you start your work day? And, even better, can you imagine working at a space surrounded by serene stretches of mountains? You heard us right! By Japleen Kaur

WorkationX in Rajgundha, Kangra Valley is a space where freelancers, startup owners, basically digital nomads are meeting to create and make a living. You reach a small village called Badagram, and then hike up to the property.


The whole feel and interiors of the space has been inspired by Elon Musk. Quirky work desks, bean bags, colourful cushions, and privacy for anyone who wants to work in peace. Ideal for writers, WorkationX keeps organising retreats often. In fact, yoga workshops out in the open is what makes the space even better. Plus, the people you meet, across different walks of life is definitely an added positive bonus.


Priced at just INR 800 a night for one person, it’s affordable and very traveller-friendly, especially for solo women. Homemade meals according to your preference, bonfires, music at night, and conversations that flow easily — who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a set up? And, they have a meeting room, so I’m guessing an offsite is on the cards?

Though all work, and no play is not a fun situation to be in, so you could head for nearby treks every now and then or maybe go paragliding in Billing!


How to reach there?

Take a flight to Dharamshala, and drive down to Bir. I would suggest you stay, and explore the region for 2-3 days before taking a bus or taxi to Badagram and start your hike.

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