A 90-minute massage is a luxury not many can afford, but the traditional Shirodhara treatment at Club Prana Spa in Hyatt Regency Mumbai is worth your time. By Latha Sunadh

Club Prana Spa
Club Prana Spa comes with a fitness studio, spa suites, sauna, and a luxe bath facility.

As I visit Club Prana Spa at Hyatt Regency Mumbai, I am stunned to see their soothing, inviting interiors with a modern setting for a fitness studio, spa suites, sauna, and a luxe bath facility inside. Spread over 929 square metres, this wellness facility offers its guests a luxurious choice of massages, body therapies, and beauty treatments. You can also do cardio workouts or weight training with their state-of-the-art fitness equipment. I, however, settle for a relaxing spa session.

As a part of their pre-massage ritual, I am offered lime water. While I cleanse my throat with the refreshing drink, my masseuse washes my feet with warm water and massages them gently. The surrounding air, filled with the fragrance of rose and jasmine, relaxes me further.

Their deep tissue massages—there are 60-minute and 90-minute options—are long, languorous sessions, apt for city dwellers with back pain and/or anxiety. Club Prana’s well- trained staff works on your back muscles with ease, with no traces of harshness. Their slightly stronger massage, primarily for the back, shoulder, and legs, stimulates the muscles and ensures your body gets all the soothing benefits.

Club Prana Spa
Shirodhara begins with the masseuse pouring warm oil on the forehead.

After gulping my drink, I head to the massage room to begin my wellness journey. I lie down on the therapy bed, and my masseuse slowly massages my hands, legs, and back, with enough care to make me fall into a deep slumber. The session not only relieves my body of tension, but also gives me flexibility, and calms my senses.

After this, I prepare for Shirodhara—an Ayurvedic therapy popular in Kerala. The treatment begins with the masseuse pouring warm oil on my forehead for about 15 minutes. As the oil flows freely, it soothes my mind and balances my body. The warmth works its magic on my stress points, and harmonises my mind and soul, giving me a sense of calm.

This unique combination not only vanquishes all physical and mental burdens within minutes, but the coconut oil slathered on my hair and body leads to comprehensive rejuvenation. As I get ready to leave Club Prana after the session, my body
feels renewed, with no back pain or knots to worry about anymore.

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