When we were small, we used to romanticise the friends’ trip to Goa or a solo hiking trip to Himachal Pradesh, going on long train journeys and doing crazy adventures, all alone, without the scrutiny and supervision of our parents! While all of that has a charm of its own, now that we look back, we actually reminisce the days when right after our school vacations commenced, our bags were packed and off we went to the annual family trip. By Shubhanjana Das

The planning would be as elaborate as the packing and there used to be not a single moment without some drama. Dads would either forget tickets or moms would pack way too much food! But, all in all, the nostalgia is dripping with fond memories, Polaroid pictures, family dinners, and all the good things that no solo trip can bring. Here’s looking back at all that we miss from our good ol’ family vacations because it’s the little things that matter.

1. Not Having To Worry About Expenses

Back in the day, there used to be this magical candy machine, which used to spew out candy only at the press of a button. But, it is after we grew up that we realised that before we pressed the button and the candy came out, our parents used to put in the money. It’s like someone told us magic isn’t real! Now that we are adults and have a job, it’s us putting in the coin and pressing the buttons without the surety of getting a candy.

2. Family Vacay Traditions

Every family has its own little traditions that were a sacrilege to break. Say, pictures with the cousins wearing a particular hat of a particular kind, or having a celebratory dinner at the end of every trip, buying matching t-shirts for the whole family, and etc. Every family’s eccentricities yields to different kinds of traditions and these are the ones that bind us together as this one happy, however, mad unit vacaying away!

3. Family Pictures

This one used to be an absolute imperative in every single family trip. If we could lay down the family pictures from each of the annual family trips, the way we evolved together would be visible vividly, making us emotional all over again. From sitting on your parents’ laps on the beach to taking them hiking holding their hand, times change but our relationship with family? Hardly.

4. Sharing Memories, Laughter and Stories

As we grow up and eventually move out, we start missing our family vacations due to a lot of reasons. Seeing your parents, aunts, uncles, younger cousins, sisters, brothers, and the whole family partying it out in their own fun way is bound to make you feel homesick for your family. The inside jokes from a certain experience during the trip, or a particular funny picture taken at just the right moment are all things of the past now.

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