CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La’s–Eros Hotel, New Delhi offers an eclectic mix of therapies that’ll leave you invigorated. By Priyanka Chakrabarti

Chi means ‘flow of energy’, and this sensation exudes out of every corner of Shangri-La’s–Eros Hotel’s spa. As I walk towards my therapy room, the play of dark wooden hues coupled with soft beiges transports my mind to a tranquil space. It feels like everything around me is in a state of zen.

CHI Shangri-La’s–Eros Hotel

I decide to go for a 60-minute Signature Asian Blend massage. Anar, my masseuse, tells me, the massage employs a mix of Asian techniques like Thai, Malaysian, Balinese, Chinese and Indian, and the pressure ranges from medium to firm in order to balance and re-energise one’s body.

I sit on the chair while Anar brings me a tray of essential oils to sniff out the massage oil of my choice. I smell mandarin, oolong, ore and sun, and I pick oolong. This particular oil has a unique aroma that instantly puts me in a state of trance; it’s a serene blend of lavender, lime and oolong tea, which is great for harmonising and revitalising.

I lie down on my stomach; Anar sprinkles the oil on a towel and hangs it in front of my head so that I can keep inhaling its soft notes throughout the session. After cleaning my feet with a warm towel, she dives right into the therapy. She starts with my legs, working her way up to my back, shoulders, and neck. I turn over, and the kneading continues. She uses a mix of long and short strokes coupled with circular movements with her knuckles. I can feel my muscle tension slipping away, and my body begins to feel lighter.

CHI Shangri-La’s–Eros Hotel
The 60-minute Signature Asian Blend massage employs a mix of Asian techniques like Thai, Malaysian, Balinese, Chinese and Indian.

Now, she gently starts massaging my head, and in no time, I fall asleep. I can sense the smell of her oil-laden fingers, but I am too drowsy to open my eyes or move for that matter. I stay cosy and warm under the white sheets for a few minutes after the therapy ends. I soak in this gorgeous feeling of revival that the massage seems to have brought over me.

I head for a 10-minute sauna, followed by quick steam, and a dip in the Jacuzzi. The warm stream of water continues to re-energise me. After all, this spa is all about the flow of energy!

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