The Secret Why The ‘Blue City’ Of Morocco Is On Every Traveller’s Bucket List

The north-west part of Morocco hides an intriguing blue gem — this ‘blue pearl’ is called the city of Chefchaouen, and here’s what to expect while discovering this hidden pearl. By Deepali Sharma

You can find this beautifully ethereal Moroccan city in mystical valleys of Rif Mountains.The small city has a colorful nickname owing to its streets immersed in the vibrant Moroccan blue paint. The place is unbelievably blue with all the streets, alleyways, Moroccan structures, even the stairs all painted blue.

The Instagram and Pinterest fame that Chefchaouen has achieved is due to the vibrant shades of blue that makes up the city. This Instagrammers’ haven was founded in 1471 by Jews, and when the Moors fled from Spain. It is believed that the Jews painted the entire city in the colour of Judaism representing divinity. Some also believe that the shade of blue was used to repel mosquito or just juxtaposed with the serene blue ocean, keeping the city cool during the summers. The place is known to be the most tranquil town in whole of Morocco.

Since the city is placed on the top of the high Rif Mountains, hiking is one of the best options for those seeking adventure. Climb past the Spanish mosques and explore small mountain villages, while enjoying the rich culture of the region.

The God’s Bridge is another famous attraction of the city. The Bridge of God is 25 metres above the river Oued Farda and formed in the shape of a natural arc. Ras el Ma waterfalls is also a must visit if you are there. This waterfall is the official socialising place for the locals.

Courtesy: Pinterest

The food at Chefchaouen is unimaginably delicious seasoned with exquisite flavours of the Muslim country. This place is highly recommended especially if you’re looking for a naturally splendid landscape, roaming the streets for some good snapshots to keep your Instagram followers’ growing.

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