We’ve all heard about the culinary triumph of Executive Chef Garima Arora — the first Indian woman chef to have her restaurant awarded the Michelin Star. Her restaurant Gaa in Bangkok won the coveted accolade. Here’s what we probably should know about the woman behind the super-chef. By T+L Team

Decoding the feisty Garima Arora of restaurant Gaa:

1. Garima has worked alongside many world-renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay in 2011 and René Redzepi from 2013 to 2015. In the fall of 2015, she packed her bags and relocated to Bangkok to join Gaggan Anand‘s restaurant group.

2. She launched her restaurant Gaa in April 2017, and it was born out of Chef Garima’s determination to synergise the connection between India – her native country – and Thailand. Her mission was simple: to explore interesting ways to transform local, seasonal humble ingredients into something that’s unheard of and completely new.


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3. Garima is a 30-year-old, and like a true-blue Bombay girl would any day pick pani puri and sev-batata puri over everything else. Also, her favourite Indian spice is turmeric, and favourite Thai ingredient – fish sauce.

4. Her advice to budding chefs and restaurateurs is to go to a culinary school, but always do the smart thing of taking up an apprenticeship in a restaurant of your choice, and then working your way up from there.

5. She celebrated the honour of winning the star with her entire team by playing beer pong in the restaurant! The success was hard-earned; like she says – you don’t just open a restaurant and cook happily, high-five your coworkers and have a couple of beers. There’s a lot of other stuff that goes behind it; something that you figure out as you go along. Could take that as advice again, couldn’t we?

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