Chandigarh Opens India’s First Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing Site 

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The drive-through concept for testing people for Coronavirus is being adopted for its safety and ease in collecting samples all over the world, and now even India has joined the list by opening its first such site in Chandigarh, for the safety of both the patients as well as the healthcare workers. By Manya Saini

At a time when the safety of healthcare professionals and the common man is at the forefront of most concerns, it is necessary to devise solutions that prioritise them. In a first for India, SRL Diagnostics, a private laboratory identified by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has opened a drive-through Coronavirus sample collection centre in Chandigarh. The service has also been extended to two other centres in Gurugram and Mumbai as well. 

As per reports, the Regional COO of the lab Anindya Chowdhury commented on the initiative, saying that it was necessary to have this facility as the number of active cases in the city were on the rise. He also said that the drive-through concept is being embraced globally as it reduces the contact of the patients both with the healthcare workers as well as each other. 

Those seeking the test will be required to produce a prescription from a doctor stating that the symptoms coincide with COVID-19 and a person should take the test. In the drive-through procedure, the nasal or throat swab samples are collected through the window of the car while the patient remains in the passenger seat. 

Chandigarh haso far recorded 200 cases of COVID-19, of which 34 patients have already been cured and discharged from hospitals. The initiative has been successful especially in densely populated cities where a large portion of the population owns private vehicles. 

The world’s first testing site of this kind was launched by South Korea, where it garnered immense praise and appreciation for the pro-active initiative. It has since been adopted across the world, with nations like India, US and Kuwait embracing the advantages of the unique idea. 

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