The Celebrities Leading By Example In Saving The Planet

With great power and fame, comes great responsibility. And, isn’t it a true sign of a star who take it on themselves to wield their fame and public figure status in a way that influences their fans to follow their path? Guess what, these celebrities have duly given back to the world just as much, care, attention, and love that they have received from the people. When these celebrities are seen on the tabloids, it is hardly because of their latest luxury purchases or who they went out to dinner with, it is because they are out there doing their bit to save our planet. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo fulfils yet another monumental role — that of founding the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to prevent the extinction of the world’s most endangered animals and place in which he has donated $30 million to fight for renewable energy, forest preservation, and clean water access, among others. The actor has been seen participating in a number of world environmental forums including Natural Resources Defense Council and WWF. Even in his 2016 Oscar speech, he mentioned climate change as being “real” and “the most urgent threat facing our entire species.”

2. Cate Blanchett

The Academy-Award Winning actress is a strong advocate of sustainable development. Working with SolarAid, which seeks to eliminate the kerosene lamp in Africa by 2020, Blanchett, along with husband Andrew Upton, advocated the installation of solar panels at The Wharf in Sydney, which now provides 70% of the theatre’s electricity consumption. The Ocean’s 8 star is also an ambassador of the Australian Conservation Foundation.

3. Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt

Yes, we are aware of one of Hollywood’s most heartbreaking divorces but we are also aware of the important work that these Holly honchos have achieved, both together as well as individually. While Angelina uses the Jolie-Pitt Foundation as the platform to advocate protection of natural resources and helping conserve wildlife, Pitt has contributed towards rebuilding New Orleans after the hurricane Katrina using green building materials. Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation also built 150 green certified homes.

4. Matt Damon

Besides fulfilling the roles of an actor, director, and a producer, Matt Damon is also behind which he co-founded with Gary White. His charity not only informs people about alarming water statistics but also organises fundraisers to make clean water accessible to countries that need it the most.

5. Pierce Brosnan

The Bond is committed towards environmental concerns and is associated with the organisation Natural Resources Defense Council, which holds the credit for successfully deploying the sonar system of the US. Navy that threatens the life of marine mammals along with a proposed salt factory at the breeding ground of the Pacific Sea Whale in Laguna San Ignacio. Brosnan’s contributions have bagged him the Environmental Leadership Award by Green Cross International in 1997. He has been an ambassador for UNICEF Ireland since 2001, too. He is also the member of Oceana’s Ocean Council and is a member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s board of advisers.

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