Quinta da Regaleira — a vintage castle located in Portugal and listed on the World Heritage Site list by UNESCO — is enigmatic, fanciful and a must-visit for travellers who like to discover all things mysterious. We tell you why. By Nitya Malik

The vintage castle of Quinta da Regaleira was built by António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro in alliance with the acclaimed Italian opera set designer and architect Luigi Manini between 1904 and 1910. This place is all things fantastical, enigmatic and mysterious built by incorporating French, Gothic, Renaissance and Roman styles, all at the same time.

With intelligent and smart architecture, this castle goes way beyond what your imagination can capture. It is now converted into a museum and opened as a tourist attraction. The property consists of five floors, since the building became open to public, the top floor is dedicated towards the history of the castle.

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The castle is mostly surrounded by gardens and forests, which features pools, grottos, waterfall lakes, caves, and hidden tunnels. The leading path of the castle is lined with stone statues of God and Goddesses like Venus, Hermes and Dionysus etc. Many features like the grottos and the waterfall lake seem they are naturally born out of the rock , but they aren’t.

The Roman Catholic Chapel is magnificent, and set apart from the garden. It incorporates Catholic images and statues, symbols of the Free Masons and frescos of Saint Anthony. The chapel has several floors.

The castle is one of nature’s wonders, which often leaves tourists in wonder and awe. Deep rooted in Portugal’s past, a visit here gives you a better understanding of the nature and spiritual powers and the mystery surrounding this castle. And if you’re looking for a coffee after a laid-back stroll, don’t forget to visit the cafe and restaurant. For bibliophiles, there’s a library as well.

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