Meet Cassandra De Pecol, The First Female Traveller Ever To Visit Every Country On Earth

Travelling is surely an exhilarating experience that teaches us a lot. There are so many remarkable places to visit and delve into the culture and heritage of that place. Cassandra de Pecol is surely determined to experience all of them. By Swastika Mukhopadhya

Meet 27-year-old Cassandra de Pecol, who hails from Connecticut. What’s her story? Well, she is the first female traveller who has visited almost every country on earth. Her travel journey started in 2015 and since then she has already visited 181 countries. And with only 15 countries left in her list and 40 days remaining on the clock, she is soon to set a Guinness world record of being the fastest person to travel to all sovereign states (plus an additional 11 countries).

About Her Amazing Journey

Titled Expedition 196, ‘Cassie’ wishes to leave her mark in each and every country in the world. She is not just a traveller, but she is also the Ambassador for Peace on behalf of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism. While travelling, Cassie carries her camera everywhere with her and uses Instagram to share her experiences. She emphasises on the important aspects of a place, an alluring feature and captures it through her lens.

The traveller also expressed her views on why travelling and experiencing each country is important and beautiful. The story is truly inspiring for all budding travellers.

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