Spas and treks will dot your next Caribbean voyage. By Anita Rao Kashi


Mount Tamana rises over 1,000 feet above Trinidad and hardcore trekkers take more than 30 minutes to clamber to the top. But the vantage point is not just about stunning panoramic views of the sea and everything around, but a cave system with multiple caves that are dark and mysterious. They are made more adventurous by the fact that they are home to thousands of bats from 12 different species.


The Caribbean

The cuisine in The Caribbean is wide-ranging considering the vast influences. Must-eats include one of the many forms of rice and peas/beans such as arroz con grandulas in San Juan’s Ropa Vieja, jerk chicken at Kingston’s Chelsea Jerk Centre, callaloo in Trinidad’s Veni Mange, turtle soup and curried goat in Caymans’ Champion House, goat ‘water’ (stew) in Montserrat and Haitian favourites at the Assiette Creole in Port-au-Prince.


Guadeloupe is a set of twin islands separated by a strait, connected by a bridge and part of the French West Indies. Apart from magnificent beaches and secluded bays, there’s much to do here in the form of lounging in hot springs, exploring active volcanoes and waterfalls, visiting several ancient sites connected to the history and culture of the local people and reveling in the local music and dance.


Located in the stunning Oracabessa Bay in Northern Jamaica, Golden Eye Resort is home to the indulgent Field Spa with open-air, wall-less treatment rooms where massages, salt scrubs, skin brightening facials, herbal wraps and energy work therapies are performed. It makes use of elixirs, tonics and essential oils infused with healing flowers and aromatic herbs grown in the resort’s family farm. In addition to decadent dark chocolate treatments, it also offers fun treatments for couples.


Choices are plenty, but opt for Sandy Lane in Barbados for celebrity spotting, the stunning crescent-shaped beach views of Cap Juluca in Anguilla, the surreal finger-tip vantage point of Cap Maison St. Lucia, the architectural splendour of Amanera in the Dominican Republic, the elegant seclusion and beach haven of Jamaica Inn in Jamaica, the hidden getaway called Coral Sands in the Bahamas and the sheer gorgeous luxury of Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada.

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