Read Candida Louis’ Inspiring Story Of Biking From India To Australia

28,000 kilometres and 10 countries might sound like a daunting challenge to many, but not to Candida Louis, who did it all alone on her Bajaj Dominar. By Shrimayee Thakur

The internet blew up last year when biker Candida Louis’ plan to ride her bike all the way to Australia hit the news. In September, 2018, Candida started her journey from Bengaluru with Skye, her Bajaj Dominar. The journey was a part of the Change Your World Fund, established in honour of Australian Alistair Farland, who died in a fall accident in 2014. Candida said she was inspired by Farland, who was a firm believer in the power of exploration to change things.

Candida started from Bengaluru and went through Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia before reaching Australia after eight months on the road. She later posted a video on her YouTube channel, talking about her journey. She stressed on the importance of loving and being loved, and said, “Across borders, across colour, across languages and across cultures, we are all the same.”

Born in Hubli, Karnataka, Candida quit her full-time, well paying job in an MNC in Bengaluru, to pursue biking as a career, and became an icon for bikers, specially women, for whom traveling solo has long been seen as dangerous and not a viable option. She also won several prestigious biking awards, and even led biking tours in several countries, before being selected for the Change Your World Fund project.

She hopes to inspire women everywhere, especially in semi-urban and rural areas, to travel and explore, and to assure them that the world is safe for them to travel alone in. In a video that she posted upon reaching Sydney, she said, “No other Indian woman has done solo so far. It was a very proud moment for me.”

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