Hampi is the new destination for travellers to plan their weekend getaways to and we can’t help but agree. The land of mysticism has some of the best cafes to go chill at. Luckily for you, we have them all listed here for you to add to your itinerary! By Japleen Kaur

Like Gokarna, Hampi too is divided into two sections — the temple side and the island side where all backpackers like to hang. Food options are fantastic at both ends, just depending on your personal choice as the town side has a ban on non-veg food and alcohol.

1. Mango Tree

If you talk to past visitors of Hampi, the most common name you’ll hear is Mango Tree. Earlier situated right on the riverbank, this cafe has now moved in the bazaar. But the quality of their lip-smacking dishes remains the same. Plus, they serve food quite traditionally, on banana leaves.

2. Moonlight

On the temple side of the town, Moonlight is a famous joint for breakfast. So, to start your day right head to this restaurant for pancakes, and some good espresso coffee. Situated near the Virupaksha temple, the old ruins of the town are at a walkable distance from here.

3. Laughing Buddha

Quite possibly the most popular cafe in Hampi, this one has low seating with mattresses spread out, opening to the view of the river. On the recommended list is the falafel that people just can’t stop raving about. They also have jewellery, and local art and crafts shop in the vicinity, so you can go crazy while shopping!

4. Chillout Bamboo

Known to have the friendliest staff in the whole of Hampi, go here to fill your quota of happy vibes. Not only that, the food is just as delicious at Chillout. Also, this cafe is yet another perfect spot for having breakfast.

5. Nargila

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First we eat, then we do everything else.

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If you’re someone who likes to party till late then Nargila is your place to be at. Open till the wee hours of the morning, they often have live music events happening for you to have the perfect evening with your gang.

6. Mowgli

Spanish or Israeli meals, Mowgli doesn’t disappoint at all. With the fantastic view of the rice paddy fields, you can’t help but feel at peace here. Cliche? Yes! But also the truth. Also, don’t forget to try their wood-oven pizzas.

7. German Bakery

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Best desert place

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Can a bakery with this name ever go wrong? We don’t think so! Go get your share of the cake, bread, and rum balls here. But you know the drill — reach early as the best stuff vanishes before you can even blink.

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