Experience Budapest In Its Bloom: The Magic Of Spring!

For the people of Budapest, their year starts not in January but when the days become longer, brighter and shinier and everything around seems like it has been splashed with fresh, vivid colours. Springtime is the best time to visit Budapest, with the perfect weather conditions, a number of festivals on the line, and the life around more jovial and active. So, once in Budapest during spring, you may want to check these things out to make the most of your time. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Strolling Around The Cherry Blossom Trees

The first clear indication of the retracing winter is the cherry blossoms. Simply looking at them makes us want to be out all day, strolling on the streets around them, take infinite pictures, and even set a small picnic under one of the cherry blossom trees. The Füvészkert garden on the 8th district is like an oasis of beautiful plants, trees, flowers, and beautiful birds that these attract. For both views of Budapest as well as the sweet, sweet sight of the cherry blossoms, take an insanely romantic walk on Tóth Árpád Sétány in the Castle District, which also offers a stunning view over Buda.

2. Hike in the Buda Hills

Spring means more time outdoors, and what better way to celebrate that than to commemorate the season by enjoying the mighty outdoors? Take a hike in the Buda Hills up to Normafa, The trail is well-marked and the Elizabeth Looking Towers offers stunning panoramic views of the whole city. If you pack yourself a small picnic, you can sit, chill, and enjoy the warm sun.

3. A Day trip to Szentendre

Now that going out doesn’t seem like a hectic task, you can finally go on day trips with your friends and family! The nearby artist town of Szentendre is the perfect little haven of multiple galleries, picturesque streets, small cafes, and pretty restaurants. It’s only a short train ride away (via the HÉV, or the suburban train). This town, which sits on a part of the Danube Bend, also houses Skanzen, the Hungarian Open Air Museum, which takes you a bit closer to Hungarian life, customs, history and tradition.

4. Take a Walking Tour

The days of going out only for absolute necessities are now over (at least for a few months) and you can now indulge in leisurely strolls, or, walking tours of the city, if you please. It’s the perfect excuse to meet new like-minded people, explore Budapest and its hidden gems, and take loads of envy-worthy pictures for your Instagram. There are a number of agencies which organise walking tours, giving a peak into different parts and aspects of the city. So, choose one which suits your springtime sensibilities the most!

5. Local Farmers’ Market and the Craft Beer Scene

Ruin pubs are giving shelter to more and more farmers’ markets and extending the party to broad daylight as well, resulting in the city’s growing interest in farmers’ markets. You can find one at Szimpla as well as Élesztő, offering one of the best craft beers in the city. But why should you spend your Sunday in a farmers’ market? For organic produces including dairy, sweets, nuts, honey and snacks from local farmers accompanied by live entertainment and, great beer, obviously! Reason enough?

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