Tokyo is one of the busiest, bustling and dynamic cities in the world. You may have seen Tokyo on the silver screen, watching Scarlet Johansson walking down the streets of Tokyo in Lost in Translation but nothing compares to a first-hand experience of this city that is anything but dull, boring and ordinary. Should you find yourself in Tokyo this year, we wouldn’t suggest missing out on these things. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Mori Art Museum at Roppongi

Tokyo, as we said earlier, is dynamic and anything but boring. If you are an art enthusiast and would like to check out the latest artists and exciting exhibitions happening in the city, we suggest you end up at the Mori Art Museum, located on the 53rd and 54th floor! With ever-changing exhibitions that last between 2-6 months, coming here means that you will be looking at the latest art produced in the city. Besides, the uninterrupted view of the city from Tokyo City View Observation Deck on the 52nd floor makes it possible to view the Tokyo Tower and even the Tokyo Skytree on a clear day.

2. Robot Restaurant

Japan is known for its technological prowess that is said to be unmatched in its innovation. So, make what other place can be better than a restaurant with flashy neon lights teamed with high-tech extravaganza, combining cool and unique with weird and unconventional. What is so exciting about this place? The robot show that the staff puts up while you wine and dine. Oh, Tokyo and its eccentricities!

3. Stay at a Capsule Hotel

Claustrophobic people may want to steer clear of this but otherwise, it is an experience worth having, even if it is for a night. A concept that was invented in the 1980s to provide more cheap accommodation options to the tourists and the students coming to Tokyo from all over the world, your little capsule of privacy behind the blinds is designed to be comfortable, equipped with amenities, and, of course, cheap.

4. Sensoji, Asakusa

Sensoji, the oldest temple in Tokyo, is a bubble of Japanese traditional culture in the midst of the modern metropolis. The main entrance hall is lined with traditional street-snacks stalls and is a place worth visiting to witness the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of the modern and the traditional right in Tokyo. You can try Tempura, Sushi, and Sukiyaki at some of the oldest restaurants of the city and even dress up in a kimono and ride local rickshaws.

5. Eat Ramen at Shinjuku

Foodie or not, there’s no way you can miss out on eating Ramen in Tokyo from the long-established stalls and restaurants in the city. Shinjuku, with over 300 such excellent Ramen stalls, is often known as the Ramen district of Tokyo. Remember, it gets extremely busy and competitive here, especially during lunch time. However, the sheer range of Ramen dishes that you can try here makes it more than worth the wait (it could last up to half an hour or even more!)

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