Savi and Vid of Bruised Passports need no introduction. The travel blogger couple has been doing what they do best – travelling – for over a decade now and inspiring us along the way. While the pandemic may have brought their travel tales to a temporary halt, the duo tells us how they have been using this time to reinvent themselves — both personally and professionally, and why slow travel is the need of the hour.  By Amitha Ameen

1. How have you been spending your days under lockdown? Did you learn any new skills?

Given that we have spent more than 80 per cent of our time in the last six years being on the move, it’s been quite the change to spend an extended period of time in one place. But we are spending our days experimenting with new things and having virtual parties with friends, family and our readers. A typical day in the lockdown involves a bit of exercise, lots of cooking, catching up on work, and spending evenings watching a film or TV series. We’ve been honing our fitness over the lockdown and Savi has also been learning Spanish.

2. What have you missed doing most during this lockdown?

Of course, we miss meeting our friends and family. And travelling! That said, we have always believed in looking at the glass half full, so we are making the most of this time in lockdown by spending a lot of time with each other. We have always advocated living a slow life that is about self-development and nurturing relationships and there has never been a better time than now to truly slow down.

bruised passports
Savi and Vid from Bruised Passports under a cherry blossom tree.

3. How has this pandemic impacted your life and work?

It has impacted our work in many different ways. Of course, the travel industry is amongst the hardest hit by the Coronavirus outbreak, which means incomes have dipped and the expenditures have only increased.

The good part is, we are used to spending long amounts of time in one place and working remotely, so that did not take much getting-used-to! We’re using this time to complete pending projects and create unique content for social media. As a result, we’ve been extremely busy in lockdown.

All said and done, we feel truly grateful to be in a position where we can carry on working from home. And just to be healthy at a time like this. It’s the little things that count the most!

bruised passports
Savi and Vid from Bruised Passports at Machu Picchu, Peru.

4. Where do you get the inspiration for your videos?

There is a lot that is grim in the world today! But beautiful places and the little pockets of peace and happiness in daily life are the things that inspire us to create content. For as long as we can remember, we’ve striven to design a life that focuses on positivity. Roald Dahl’s words “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” really resonates with us. It’s these sparks of magic that we try to showcase through our work.

5. You are quarantined in London. How has that been so far?

The two of us were supposed to be spending April with our parents in New Delhi but ended up being quarantined in London due to the cancellation of international flights. As full-time travellers and bloggers, we are accustomed to working from home. So the prospect of staying in a city we have grown to love is not daunting.

Sure the situation under which this is happening is not ideal. But there is no better way to tackle the current health scare than by looking at the glass half-full. Perhaps that is why we’ve felt strangely at peace this quarantine. It has also been encouraging to see the sense of community, even in a place like London, which is in many ways the epicentre of individualistic pursuit. Young people are helping elders by leaving provisions and notes at their doorstep, entire neighbourhoods come together to cheer health workers at least once every week, and communities are going out of their way to help those most affected by the crisis.

6. What are the three experiences you would recommend to a London newbie?

· Afternoon tea at a restaurant overlooking the Thames
· A picnic overlooking the London skyline at Greenwich Park or Primrose Hill
· A walk along Millenium Bridge, ending at St Paul’s Cathedral
Bruised Passports

7. If you had to pick one city in India, which one would it be and why?

Delhi, because it’s home! Udaipur, because we love the scenery and all the colour on the streets!

8. Tell us about an unexpected yet memorable experience you had encountered during any of your trips in India.

We’ve had too many to count but the one that stands out is the time we chanced upon some flower fields in the village of Gundlupet near Mysore. It was barricaded and we tiptoed into a little hut at the corner just to ask the farmer for permission to shoot a few photographs. But after a long rambly conversation, we ended up having lunch with his family. We saw many beautiful sights on our road trip to Karnataka, but this is the first thing both of us remember whenever when we speak about that trip. Quite the homage to Indian hospitality!

9. Which is the first place you will be travelling to when you can travel?

We’d love to visit Cuba and Russia once it is safe to travel.

10. What are the three things you both cannot travel without?

Music on my phone, my camera, and a portable coffee machine.

Bruised Passports
Roadtrips are a favourite for the travel blogger couple.

11. What was your most memorable trip of 2019?

We spent a few weeks island-hopping in the Caribbean in February and it was a truly memorable experience. The Caribbean islands have stunning beaches and such good food. But what made the trip incredibly special were the celebrations! It was carnival season and we witnessed parades, dancing, music and street parties.

12. What are some things you will definitely keep in mind while travelling in the post-Corona world?

We have been advocating things like slow travel, no littering while travelling and choosing destinations that are offbeat for a while now. However, we will be even more careful while choosing the places we travel to in the post-Corona world! I believe the pandemic will make every traveller that little bit more responsible.

However, the biggest change is the realisation that everything around us is unpredictable and all of us should never take anything for granted. I feel it will encourage everyone to get out there and see the places they’ve always wanted to see with the people they love!

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