The Breeze Spa at Amari Pattaya is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate in an uber luxurious setting. By Bindu Gopal Rao

Breeze Spa At Amari Pattaya
The spa is done up in shades of brown, grey, and blue.

Located on the fourth floor of Amari Tower at Amari Pattaya, the Breeze Spa welcomes me with a distinct aroma of essential oils, which has an instant calming effect on my mind. Spread over 502 square metres, the spa is done up in shades of brown, grey, and blue, with tropical elements that add a chic feel to the decor.

Breeze Spa At Amari Pattaya
The 60-minute Signature Mood Massage comes with a choice of five therapies.

I am recommended the 60-minute Signature Mood Massage, where I am given a choice of five therapies that match my current mood. Dreamy for a soft pressure massage; Flowy ideal after a long flight; Serene uses long stroke palm pressure techniques that stretch the muscles and work on knots; Rejuvenated helps remove toxins using drainage and automatic massage techniques; Invigorated is a deep-tissue massage that targets stress points; and Energised is a traditional Thai massage that uses a warm herbal compress to loosen up the body.

Breeze Spa At Amari Pattaya
The tropical decor elements of the spa add a chic feel to the entire space.

I choose the Rejuvenated option. Before starting the session, I am offered a cup of butterfly pea flower tea, rich in antioxidants. Now, my masseuse, Gift, a local from Pattaya, escorts me to the therapy room and asks me to change my clothes. I quickly change into the therapy outfit, and she starts the session with a foot ritual. I sit on a chair and dip my feet in a bowl of warm water that has cucumber slices floating on it. She uses a dash of sea salt and a lemon-fragranced massage oil to scrub my feet. After wiping my feet dry, she asks me to head to the therapy bed, where I lie in a face down position. Gift covers my body with a soft, warm towel and places a thin cloth on my forehead.

Breeze Spa At Amari Pattaya
Guests are offered herbal tea that’s rich in antioxidants.

She starts the massage by applying pressure with her thumbs along my spine, ensuring my back muscles are relaxed. She uses her palms, lower arms, and fingers to apply uniform force all over my back, and neck. She deftly massages my arms as well. Now, she pours warm aromatic oil to massage the back of my legs employing elongated strokes. Next, I am asked to turn over. She massages my feet and eventually moves to my knees.

At this point of time, I can feel my eyes growing heavy as I fall in a deep slumber.

Breeze Spa At Amari Pattaya
The Breeze Spa houses a varied selection of natural essential oils.

I wake up as Gift starts massaging my stomach lightly, and moves up to my hands, shoulders, and neck. Finally, she gives me a gentle massage on my face and head. I can feel all the stress evaporating from my body. Sixty minutes are over just like that. I don’t go for a shower immediately, but let the oil soak in. Gift offers me a warm cup of herbal tea. Now that I’m fully relaxed, I know I’m all set to explore Pattaya.

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