Did we say boutique hotels in one of Greek’s most resplendent islands? Yes, we did. Because, when we say ‘luxury’, we mean it! So, here’s bringing to you some of the boutique hotels that Mykonos has to offer. After all, if your holiday plans are far from ‘basic’, your accommodation should be too, right? By Shubhanjana Das

1. Greco Philia

Living in a boutique hotel as boisterous and exceptional as Greco Philia in a place like Mykonos is just the most delicious cherry on top of a three-tier cake that completes the whole picture. With its spa, infinity pools, villas, suites, and food caught fresh on the Aegean as well as the local farms, we can hardly hold ourselves back from planning that trip right away. Who wouldn’t like to fall asleep to the lull of the waves as a private masseuse gives you the most relaxing massage on your own private balcony?

2. Bill and Coo Suites and Lounge

The coast suites in Bill and Coo are reflections of the kind of dreams we have on a summer’s day when all we want to do is lounge by our private pools, sipping our martinis, enjoying a massage, and looking out at the azure blue of the ocean and the sky, merging somewhere in the horizon. With dainty white interiors punctuated with elegant wooden furniture, Bill and Coo seem to have perfected the art of minimalist living for hedonists. To enlighten and enliven your senses, the Mykonos Restaurant at Bill and Coo promises a ‘Meditarranean culinary adventure’, adamant at recreating the traditional Greek dishes with just the right hint of innovation and culinary creativity by its master chef Ntinoz Fotinakis. The Valmont Spa, on the other hand, is exclusively a reason enough to fly to Mykonos right away, for their Swiss perfection meets Mykonos’ excellence is hard to resist.

3. Boheme

Located at a stone throw’s distance from Little Venice, Boheme defines how it is to live in a hotel that is small, caters to only a handful of people, and is excellent at it. The contemporary modern style-meets Greek traditional aesthetic makes it one of the best boutique hotels in Mykonos and definitely worth being on our list. Just looking at the Bohemian Sea View Suite on the screen takes our breath away! But, we are sure we can regain our composure with some gastronomic indulgence at the in-house Basilico Resto & Bilo Bar providing Mediterranean cuisines prepared from locally sourced products. Yoga on a Mykonian garden, personalised massage treatments, and an outdoor Jacuzzi — that pretty much sums up our summer plans.

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