You Can Take A Virtual Tour Of These 7 Botanical Gardens From Around The World

For all the nature-lovers itching to explore the tranquillity of gardens amidst the global pandemic, we have some good news for you. You can now virtually tour seven botanical gardens from around the world.​ By Upasana Singh

Botanical gardens date back to 3,000 years, beginning with ancient Egypt cultivating vegetation for medical purposes and daily consumption. However, some of these gardens were developed to lift the human spirit and create a peaceful environment. As the planet’s 1,700 botanical gardens remain closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Google Arts and Culture have opened the doors to some of these incredible spaces.​

1. The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, South Tyrol, Italy​


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Laid out in 1850, Italy’s most important historical gardens can be witnessed at any time of the year. The 360-degree tours of the sun-kissed slopes offer a magnificent view of 83 different gardens, including a 700-year-old olive grove, bamboo forest, and a vertical flower wall.​

2. Kew Gardens, London, UK​


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The Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew is one of the four UNESCO world heritage sites in London. Previously the playground of kings and queens, it now contains the world’s largest collection of plants. The world’s largest Victorian glasshouse, Temperate House with over 27,000 types of plants can be toured with Google Street View that enables us to see 26 km of this place.​

3. The United States Botanic Garden, Washington, USA​


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A rose garden that honours the contribution of the nation’s first ladies is one of the many attractions of this garden. It has been named as a ‘living plant museum’ and is located next to the Capitol Building in Washington DC.​

4. Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Hawaii, USA​


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From sandy beaches visit the lush vegetation and palm rain forests of Hawaii. With brightly coloured hibiscus flowers overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the unique tour of this topography is nothing short of the perfect island experience.​

5. Buffalo Botanical Gardens, New York, USA​


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The father of American landscape architecture, Frederich Law Olmsted is known for designing New York’s Central Park. He is also the mastermind behind one of the oldest botanical gardens in Buffalo. Walk in the 120-year-old garden with its 67-ft-tall Victorian glass dome filled with tropical fruit trees and succulents to get a better view.​

6. Inhotim Institute and Botanical Gardens, Brumadinho, Brazil​


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It would take three days to explore one of the largest foundations of contemporary art in Brazil and outdoor centres in Latin America on foot. The former mining magnate, Bernardo Paz’s sculptures, paintings and installations housed in 23 pavilions can now be seen at digital speed.​

7. São Paulo Botanic Garden, São Paulo, Brazil​


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São Paulo Botanic Garden’s conserve some of the endangered species of Amazonian flora and fauna. To catch a glimpse of the toucans in the forests and the giant water lilies, head to the grounds of these two large glasshouses.

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