Visiting Birmingham to watch the 2019 Cricket World Cup live? Don’t forget to check out these other places in the city, too. By Swastika Mukhopadhyay

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is starting from May 30 and fans just can’t wait. India will be playing against England on June 30 at Edgbaston, Birmingham. If you’re planning to visit Birmingham to watch your home team play live, there are a lot of other places you can check out, too. Here are the top five places to visit in Birmingham.

1. Symphony hall, Birmingham

Considered as one of the finest concert halls, the Symphony Hall hosts impressive performances by artists from all around the world. This auditorium has a capacity of over 2,500 people and is quite well known for its spectacular acoustics and exquisite design. It also houses numerous events like graduation ceremonies, conferences, community events and what not. To get a world-class concert experience, you can look up the upcoming shows and book tickets according to your convenience.

2. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Want to know everything about Birmingham? You’ll find no better place than the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. You will find all of Birmingham’s past and present preserved in this beautiful edifice. It has a huge collection of fine arts, ceramics, metal work, jewellery and precious artefacts. You can also get a glimpse of the impressive collection of rare paintings from the pre-Raphaelite and Victorian eras.

3. Explore the Oceans at National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham

Giant sea turtles, blacktip reef shark, seahorses, octopuses, hammerhead shark and stingrays, the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham offers the widest range of marine life here at Birmingham. Known as Birmingham’s finest aquarium, this gigantic aquarium contains a large ocean tank with a capacity of 1 million litres. The tourists can view the beautiful sea creatures through a transparent tunnel going right through it. Also, check out their Sensorama 4D theatre which will take you to a real-life experience of the ocean, and yes, you can feel the wind and smell the seaweed here, too!

4. It’s a real chocolaty treat

Ever wondered how the insides of a chocolate factory looks like? Obviously, the book Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl painted quite a picture. But in reality, Cadbury has opened its doors for keen chocolate lovers. Participate in the tour of Cadbury World and learn the fascinating history of Cadbury chocolate. Apart from getting a glimpse of how your favourite chocolate is made, you can play in chocolate rain and also get the insights on traditional chocolate making.

5. Visit the Coffin Works and Go Back in Time

Shelves overflowing with old and traditional tools and machines that date back in time, you can get a first-hand experience of how this jewellery quarter firm used to operate back in the 1960s. Specialising in world’s finest coffin furniture, Coffin Works did the fittings for the funerals of Churchill, Chamberlain and the Queen Mother.

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