Bold, spirited and headstrong, Bollywood star Bipasha Basu gives us an insight into her travels during a relaxed staycation at the stunning Conrad Pune. By Rashima Nagpal

What do you like most about travelling?

One, you get away from the monotony of your daily life. But also, after you’re away, coming back home to your loved ones is a feeling I rejoice in. Different cultures, different people, different ways of living, different cuisines… travelling comes with a lot of knowledge. It is something everyone should do.

Favourite destination in India?

Goa—it’s a quick getaway. I’ve always loved the sun-sand-beach combination. People there are very warm and the food is so good; everything in Goa is a plus for me. It’s like a second home.

Bipasha Basu

Favourite foreign city?

London. I find it very warm. The diversity of people there adds to the warmth. I love Broadway. And more than anything else, just the fact that I get to walk around freely, which is difficult in India.

A travel memory from your childhood?

The most special ones are the annual train journeys from Delhi to Kolkata for Durga Pujo. It’s a long route, so it used to be a lot of fun with my sisters and parents along. We also used to travel a lot to the Northeast—Darjeeling and Gangtok. I vividly remember, I saw the first Jurassic Park movie somewhere in the Northeast, and it was funny because we didn’t realise we were in the wrong hall and ended up watching the one dubbed in Bengali!

Five travel essentials?

I’m not a light packer. But, exercise gear for sure, nice walking shoes, a medical kit is very important, a make-up kit to look good, and among a lot of clothes, a pair of shorts and gunjee for sure!

Bipasha Basu

Do you like to travel solo?

No, I never did. I’m a people’s person. I like to travel with a number of people, or at least, my partner.

Favourite cuisine?

I’m a big foodie. Apart from home food and Bengali food, I like all kinds of Asian dishes.

You’re working on your first book and it’s about fitness?

Yes, but it’s about being fit holistically and not just about physical fitness.

Your go-to shopping destination?

Bond street, London.

What counts as the perfect staycation?

This one! It’s been less of a shoot for me and more of a staycation with my husband, Karan.

What’s next on your travels?

Chamonix [in France]. I want to go skiing there. Even though I have been there before, this time I want to go with Karan [Singh Grover].

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