When rakishly handsome TV star Karan Singh Grover made his debut on the big screen, it was alongside the beautiful Bipasha Basu, as fate would have it, sparks flew between these two charismatic personalities—one a Punjabi, the other a Bengali—and by the end of the film shoot, the two had fallen deeply in love. Funny, passionate, and outrightly adorable, the couple offers an entertaining peek into their relationship as they discuss the passions they share and reveal some secrets about each other. By Rashima Nagpal

T+L How did you two meet?

Bipasha & Karan “We first met for the reading of a film at a hotel in Mumbai,” Bipasha begins. Karan confirms and adds, “As soon as I looked at her, my first reaction was wow, she’s so hot and beautiful. And then you get to know her, and you realise she is crazy!” (Bipasha giggles) “But still a very warm, big-hearted girl; very easy to get along with,” he continues, with a smile. “We hit it off from day one on the set,” says Bipasha. “We would talk all the time in between shots and otherwise, we would eat together, hang out together, and just wouldn’t stop talking.”

T+L When did you realise you’re made for each other?

Bipasha & Karan “I think our strong bond and deep friendship helped us get together,” confesses Bipasha. “It was a long process—of meeting, not meeting, trying to stay away from each other, living in denial, and all that… a really filmy time. There was no plan in place; I didn’t think about getting married. He surprised me with a beautiful proposal when we took a holiday to Koh Samui to celebrate the New Year. Later, I got to know he had been planning it for a while.” Karan pitches in, “For me, once I realised how much I love her, I knew I was going to ask her sooner or later. There was no doubt about that.”

Bipasha Basu

T+L How has life changed after two years of marriage?

Bipasha & Karan “I have been living independently since I started working at the age of 15,” answers Bipasha, “So I was used to being by myself, and never missed having a partner. Maybe that’s why I didn’t really consider getting married. But now, every morning when I wake up and see him sleeping next to me, I feel blessed. I come home to him and understand how amazing it is to have a companion, somebody you love. We both look forward to seeing each other at the end of the day,” she adds. Karan chuckles. “I’d work from home if I could!”

T+L Who’s better at making decisions?

Bipasha & Karan “I’m very practical,” Bipasha announces. “I’m better for sure!” Agreeing, Karan adds, “And I genuinely believe, everybody should let the woman take the lead.”

T+L Does either of you like to cook?

Bipasha & Karan “We love to eat!” the two answer in unison. “I cook sometimes,” says Bipasha, “when I feel like making something special.” Karan nods. “I love this custard, layered with jim-jams, she makes on Sundays.”

Bipasha Basu

T+L Favourite restaurant in India?

Bipasha & Karan “I love Bengali food, so Oh! Calcutta definitely,” smiles Bipasha. “And Indigo Deli is our all-time favourite.”

T+L Go-to Indian destination?

Bipasha & Karan Goa, all the time!

T+L Favourite city in the world?

Bipasha & Karan London.

T+L Who’s more of a fitness freak?

Bipasha & Karan “She is into fitness, and I am a freak!” quips Karan. Bipasha laughs, “No, we’re both equally committed to staying fit.”

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T+L Who’s better at packing?

Bipasha & Karan “I detest packing clothes!” replies Bipasha. “He is great at it.”

T+L Who’s more of a shopaholic?

Bipasha & Karan “It’s, hands-down, him!” laughs Bipasha. “He has very good taste and I have very little patience!” Karan grins. “She can’t stand in a store for more than five minutes.”

Bipasha Basu

T+L Five things you love to do together?

Bipasha & Karan Eat, sleep, workout, shop, and watch Netflix.

T+L Any nicknames for each other?

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Bipasha & Karan “He’s my monkeylove!” smiles Bipasha. “Everyone knows that!” Karan agrees, “I definitely am.”

Photo Credits: Rahul Jhangiani