Seeking Some Adrenaline High? Consider These Winter Trips

Whoever said that winter is only about binge eating and cosying up by the fireplace was probably unaware of the exhilarating trips one can take up during the season of woollens and mugs of steaming coffee. Here is a list of the best winter trips to get your adrenaline rushing this season. By Ritika Dixit

1. Hang 10

It is never too cold to learn something new, right? Sign up for a surf lesson in Iceland and master the skill of surfing the boredom away. The breakers are just as fun and the swells are consistent. Frozen lava and glaciers make for the perfect scenery while surfing the freezing waves at the UNESCO-listed surfing spot of Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland. The lack of crowds makes it all the more fun.

2. Frozen Lake Diving

If you’re an admirer of everything underwater, this is your best bet from all winter trips in the list. A dive beneath the ice-covered Lac de Tignes will welcome you to the world of lake’s most beautiful residents — picture trout inside a cave and many more. The sight of shimmering bubbles gliding upwards in slow motion will be etched in your memory long after. A dry suit beneath your scuba suit is all you need to go and experience winter in an all new way.

3. Fat Biking In The Snow

This winter season ditch skis for cycling. Speed down snow-laden slopes on bikes with super thick tyres with up to 4.8 inches thickness. The Swiss Ski Resort of Davos allows one to sign up for the two-hour-long introductory lessons on fatbiking, following which a network of dedicated fatbike pistes through Flüela Valley can be all yours to explore.

4. Bobsledding

Crave to do nothing and experience 75 seconds of pure adrenaline charge while speeding down a track at 130 kmph? Switzerland’s St. Moritz-Celerina Olympic Bobrun is your answer. With an experienced bobsled driver in the front and the brakeman in the back, bobsledding is the fun group activity to engage in with your friends this winter.

5. Ice Climbing

If you are keen on experiencing a rush this winter, try ice climbing in a popular spot like Chamonix. The frozen waterfalls between December and March make for the perfect ice walls to scale with well-marked abseil descent routes and belays. Take a basics course from professional ice climbers at the Chamonix Experience. Or simply hire equipment such as boots, ice axes and crampons and begin the ascent.

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