When in Rome, there are a bunch of things people will ask you to try out, and tiramisu ranks among the top five of the absolute must-haves in The Eternal City. Lady finger biscuits dipped in coffee, covered in layers of creamy mascarpone and sprinkled with dark chocolate powder, tiramisu has to be one of the classic Italian desserts, which the whole world lusts over. Rome’s pride in its Tiramisu is not just limited to the grandmas’ kitchens but also a few of the most traditional, favoured, and loved places, which have been tried and tested and verified by the locals themselves for serving the best tiramisu in town. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Zum

Short for zucchero (sugar), uova (eggs) and mascarpone, ZUM is hands down one of the most revered tiramisu institutions in all of Rome. Known for both the classic as well as its creative twists on this dessert, ZUM should be your first stop on the tirumisu tour of Rome for it is sure to set the bars real high. Their bite-sized tiramisus are perfect for ordering multiple without feeling overwhelmed for they come in a lot of flavours that you wouldn’t want to miss. The pistachio and hazelnut are worth a try.

P.S. They serve both lactose-free and gluten-free variations.

2. Pompi

Known as il regno del tiramisu or the king of tiramisu in Rome, the first sight at Pompi is its wall-to-wall refrigerator, which looks like the gate to Narnia, but make it tiramisu. The Roamans consider it the best tiramisu in town and its creamy mascarpone, spongy lady fingers, and the heavenly chocolate speak in volumes about its epic taste and legacy. The via Albaloga outlet is the OG location and we suggest that you make it your second stop in the tiramisu tour.

3. Su Tiramisu

Get ready to taste the twist on the traditional tiramisu at Su Tiramisu, which hides a layer of crunchy wafer, which adds to its crunch. While the traditional tiramisu is definitely a heavenly palatial treat, the strawberry, passion fruit, hazelnut, and pistachio variations will make you want to order just one (or four) more before you can say ‘stop’.

4. Flavio al Velavevodetto

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#tbt to Roma and the best Tiramisu on Earth‼️ My only complaint is that it's so small, but probably a good thing after having eaten a gigantic plate of epic Cacio e Pepe. You win again, Flávio! 😘😘 . This tiramisu was so good, not just because it left me wanting more, but because it wasn't too sweet! Silky custard on top of chunks of coffee soaked lady fingers and chocolate pieces.. SO MUCH YUM. The server recognized us from the day before and already knew what we wanted. Which I was totally ok with. #noshame 💁🏼🍫 . #italy #rome #dessert #flavioalvelavevodetto #thehungerdiaries #foodie #food #travel #travelgram #wanderlust #foodblogger #foodporn #foodgasm #instagood #instafood #yummy #tasty #fresh #eat #eater #eeeeeats #hungry #buzzfeast #huffposttaste #bonappetite #sweet #love #happy

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For another fulfilling and extremely satisfying twist on the tiramisu, try Flavio al Velavevodetto’s creation, which is served on a tall glass. With the absolute perfect sweetness and a puddle of melted chocolate on top instead of the traditional cocoa powder, the balance is so perfect that it’ll make you go ‘mmm’ at every bite. The crunchy layer of the lady finger right in the middle of the glass and the coffee-soaked lady fingers at the bottom speak volumes for Flavio al Velavevodetto’s respect for tiramisu tradition.

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