As India has Biryani and USA has burgers–Sweden has its meatballs or köttbullar. With ground pork, beef, eggs, onion and cream, served alongside a generous serving of mashed potatoes, nothing gets more Swedish as their meatballs. While the years-old recipes always find their way back to every recreation of the same, some chefs in Stockholm are rewriting the modern course of this epic Swedish delicacy and we are ready to dive in with our forks! By Shubhanjana Das

1. Meatballs for the People

Just the menu at ‘Meatballs for the People’ will tell you; Stockholm takes its meatballs very seriously. With 14 different varieties on the menu that includes wild boar, ox and also vegetables, ‘Meatballs for The People’ prepares each dish with local and organically-sourced products to set the bars high.

2. Restaurang Tradition

Restaurang Tradition concentrates only on the classic, iconic Swedish meatballs with only the best ingredients. Located in Stockholm’s Old Town, Restaurang Tradition serves lactose-free dishes and wine suggestions for every dish on the menu. If you want an unpretentious, classic Swedish dinner, this is where you should head to.

3. Fem Små Hus

Another classic Swedish restaurant in Gamla Stan, the Old Town of Stockholm, Fem Små Hus is located inside an ornate cellar, wherein you sit underneath vaulted ceilings dating back to the 17th century. Their meatballs are served on the terrace bar along with other Swedish and French fine dining options.

4. Bakfickan

A restaurant that has been around since 1962, Bakfickan doesn’t tamper with the traditional Swedish meatballs recipe. Open to only 28 diners at once, they also serve other Swedish preparations like potato pancakes and salted salmon. Bakfickan is perfect for mingling and dining with the locals.

5. Den Glydene Freden

This gem at Gamla Stan holds an impressive record of being the oldest restaurant in the world with unchanged decor and interiors. Initially owned by the Swedish Academy, this 1772 restaurant is a landmark in Stockholm. Besides serving a classic Swedish fare, which includes meatballs, the Swedish Academy (the group that nominates Nobel laureates) holds a weekly dinner here every Thursday.

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