New York is mad, chaotic, inspiring and it’s an emotion. Every person who has ever visited the city holds a special spot for it in their hearts. The skyscraper-dotted skyline, parks worth spending hours at and streets worth strolling through all day, New York is a Pandora’s Box of experiences. Its artistic side, however, is all the more memorable, striking and sweet, and just a stroll through the NYC streets are enough to witness its brilliance. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Bowery Mural

In Houston St., you will be welcomed by what has become a signature and iconic NYC street art mural with its date of origin harking way back to 40 years ago when Keith Haring lay his creative genius bare on the Bowery Mural wall. Presently, the Goldman Global Arts owns the wall and has collaborated with a number of globally renowned artists to leave a bit of their own creativity on the wall.

2. Centre-Fuge Public Art Project

The Lower East Side’s construction sites have now been transformed into outdoor canvases for street artists to paint their creativity on. Duo Jonathan Neville and Pebbles Russell have successfully transformed the sites into aesthetic spray-painted masterpieces with just a little help from visual stylists and artists like Cycle 21, Julia Cocuzza and Col Wallnuts, etc.

3. Graffiti Hall of Fame

The Graffiti Hall of Fame in Madison Avenue is perhaps one of the most iconic street art spots in the city. Started in 1980 by ”Sting Ray” Rodriguez, the wall has innumerable murals buried under each new one issued every year by street artist Joey TDS. It features works from artists like Dez, Crash, Delta, and Skeme among others.

4. L.I.S.A. Project NYC

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#Repost @meresone ・・・ Thrilled to have completed my" Love is Love"mural for @thelisaprojectnyc. This wall located at 260 Meserole in Brooklyn is part of a 50 pieces installation #prideworldmurals celebrating @nycpride and #worldpride2019. As I started to think of what I was going to paint a friend of mine asked "what is your connection to the LGBT LGBTQIA community ?" I turned to them and said absolutely none "Love is love" Who am i to tell someone who they should love ? whether male or female, black or white. You would hope that in 2019 Our chosen partners would not be a debate or a reason for scrutiny and judgement. There is a reason why we "fall" in love. It is out of our control it happens it is spontaneous and fulfilling. It is a feeling we should all be lucky enough to experience. with that in mind I decided to create this mural LOVE IS LOVE! This is not only the largest bulb mural to date but the first bulb mural that showcases all 16 faces. I am humbled and thankful to be part of this project. Many thanks are in order, first to @thelisaprojectnyc team for their work dedication availability and trust. To the people of Brooklyn for their smiles support and kind words as they walked by the wall. To HSBC and Macy's for their contribution and support of this project. To my chosen one @mariebrittanytobk for her constant support. #artistwhocares #murals #graffiti #pride #colours #acceptance #newyork #brooklyn #contemporyart #bethevoice #standup #beproud #cantstopwontstop #blockletters #brightideas #paintthechangeyouwanttosee #keepingthelightson #cus #cantstopwontsstop

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Along with Merchants Association of Little Italy, L.I.S.A. Project NYC has commissioned artworks for over five years now from artists across the globe. The result? An outdoor museum that’s worth staring at for hours. Sonny Sundancer, Nice Walker, GATS and Crash are some of the artists who have contributed to this non-profit collective.

5. Crack is Wack

The famous double-sided mural created by Keith Haring in 1986 on 128th Street is a strong indication towards how the city often takes to art for addressing its social and cultural issues. The murals were a response to a crack-cocaine epidemic in New York. Both the murals were restored by the Department of Parks and Recreation and the park later came to be known as Crack is Wack playground. Its commentary on society makes it worth checking out.

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