The Best Spa Experiences In Bali: Start Planning Your Trip NOW!

Bali means leisure. Bali means that time of the year when your colleagues have a hard time reaching you. Bali means a lot of acai bowls. And, Bali also means spas that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere in the world. It’s where holistic spa experiences are born out of an amalgam of traditional Balinese as well as innovative therapies. But, don’t go fumbling around to find a spa worth your time and your much-awaited vacay to Bali. We’re here to the rescue with our selection of the best spa experiences that Bali has to offer. By Shubhanjana Das

1. Spa on the Rocks, Ayana Spa

We don’t know if a spa perched on a rock on the shores of the Indian Ocean is your thing, but we’re gonna suggest it anyway since its location is a significant part of the appeal of Spa On the Rocks, which has been quite irresistible for its loyal visitors. Although, it’s not just the location they’re loyal towards. Their black rice bath, volcanic lava body scrubs, jade stone ceremonies, one of the world’s largest seawater aqua-tonic pools, diamond dust facials, with chilled champagne, and the music from the waves of the Indian Ocean have made Ayana Spa a hotbed for hedonists worldwide.

2. Royal Kirana Spa

Even before you reach Royal Kirana Spa at Ubud by the Ayung River Valley, you can already feel your wellness experience setting in because of the vistas that you will cross on the way. When at Royal Kirana Spa, treat yourself to dry and herbal mist saunas or the Royal Retreat that lasts for 330 minutes and has Balinese massage, facials, and even meals at the spa lounge and garden. You’ll be hard pressed to leave your camera behind for the views from the spa are unparalleled. The spa is run by renowned Japanese beauty care company, Shiseido.

3. Prana Spa

Entering Prana Spa in Seminayak almost feels like entering a wellness sanctuary where even the air is infused with the fragrance of everything lush, exotic, and even hypnotic. It seems like they don’t make any delay in making their guests feel right at home. Okay, perhaps a high-end exotic, spa retreat-like home. Famous for its Shirodhara technique of spa, Prana is designed in a way that infused Indian and Middle-Eastern architectural sensibilities. If you’re up for some real hardcore relaxation and all-inclusive wellness, the Pampering of Prana package is something you should check out.

4. Fivelements

If you rely on nothing but organic, home-made wellness products for your spas, Fivelements will gently surprise you with the extent to which it can make wellness organic and rooted to the Balinese culture. The thatched-roof paradise set against a river is reminiscent of the rustic Bali that has been compromised to urbanisation. Their specialities include the ‘boreh’ body scrub, lush (and yum) chocolate treatments that last two hours, but not without herbal teas by your side. The ‘Chocolate Love’ package is for wellness-addict couples for whom wellness is a priority and not an option.

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