Looking for an intimate getaway this season? Well, here’s a list of the most amazing nude beaches around the world for you to bare it all and relax. By Priyanka Chakrabarti

1. Wreck Beach, Vancouver:

This beach is known for being one of the most picturesque ones in the world. The insanely beautiful exotic-ness of this land is as enchanting as the stunning people who come here to enjoy a skinny dip or a tan.

2. Samurai Beach, Australia:

Beach-goers from all over the map come to this Australian beauty to enjoy great food, culture and adventure. Samurai Beach is a hidden gem with an abundance of natural beauty; here, you can bare it all without worrying about a soul.

3. Bellevue Beach, Denmark:

The gorgeous Bellevue Beach is a haven to every beach lover. It’s usually crowded on summer months, however, you can always be assured to have a great time here.

4. Cap d’Agde, France:

Trust us, when we say this. Here, on this French beach, going completely naked is a common site and nobody will stare! Keep your camera in your bag, put on some sunblock and glasses, and enjoy the day.

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