7 Cities With The Best Street Graffiti Around The World That Every Art Lover Must Visit

Street art and graffiti, that was once considered vandalism, is now acknowledged as art all around the world. Thanks to artists like Banksy, travellers and art lovers alike now build itineraries that include cities boasting the best street graffiti. Here’s a list of top cities you need to head for an arty holiday. By Nitya Malik

1. Bristol, UK

Bristol is famous for graffiti and street art only because of the famous artist Banksy. It is the best place for witnessing street art in entire Europe, and you’ll find that in literally every street and alley. Europe’s biggest street art festival ‘Upfest‘ is also held here.

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2. Melbourne, Australia

Street art kicked off in Australia through the streets of Melbourne. The city celebrates and recognises street art, and this is segregated in its famous streets, lanes, alleys and arcades. Visit Hosier Lane, Centre Place, AC/DC Lane, Bourke Street and Croft Alley.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

The street art of Prague is ever evolving. Its legacy began with the John Lennon Wall. The people of Czech started using this wall to write their views on Communism taking place at that time, but now this wall depicts art associated with love and peace. Other places where graffiti can be found are Hrabal Wall and Tesnov Graffiti Wall.

4. Dublin, Ireland

Graffiti in Dublin has become legitimised due to artists like Banksy. The Dublin Street Art Walking Tour & Graffiti Workshop is also organised for tourists to explore and learn about street art and the artists associated with it.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

The city which is known for its infrastructure, has now become famous for its hidden street art and graffiti. Walking through the streets of Lisbon, you will find some beautiful masterpieces of street art and graffiti based on topics such as pop culture, history, societal issues etc.

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s graffiti is considered to be rebellious and thought provoking. And it is found everywhere in the city. The art speaks about the city’s culture and history, every art has a different story to tell and that what makes every piece unique. The various districts that can be explored to find graffiti are Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Lichtenberg etc.

7. Mexico City

If you love street art, then this is the city for you. The art seems modern, but has its roots in history. Different kinds of art can be found here in themes like politics, poetry, pop culture, history etc. You will find graffiti in every street, alley, tunnel, so take your pick!

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