World’s 10 Best Drinking Games

Raise a toast with some classic drinking games. Here are the best ones to get your next party rolling.



A deck of cards and a good memory to remember what each card represents—that’s all you need for Kings. Pull a card from the deck, and it will decide who is supposed to drink that round. If you can’t memorise all rules, download the app with different challenges for each card—that’s how people with smartphones play drinking games these days.


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Fuzzy Duck

When tipsy, this one’s a fun tongue twister: fuzzy duck, ducky fuzz, does he, duzzy… Safe to say, there will be a lot of slips when you gather around your circle of friends with strong concoctions in hand.


Beer Pong

You can never outgrow the good ol’ and messy Beer Pong. Set the stage with a long table, plastic cups, and ping pong balls and revisit those college days of ‘out of control’ drinking and undiluted fun. There has been a new invention called Slip Cup that can keep the game clean and hygienic if you want to be responsible about it (we won’t judge).


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Edward 40 Hands

Duct tape is the hero of this game. Tie 750 ml bottles of beer to each player’s palms, and let the fun begin. Players can’t use their paws until every drop in those bottles disappears, which means no Facebook, no texts, and certainly no bathroom breaks. Traditionally, 40-ounce bottles are used, hence the name Edward 40 Hands.


Drunken Pictionary

Believe it or not, board games can get you positively hammered. If on a good day your drawing skills are mediocre at best, alcohol will not help the case, but make it a lot more amusing. Your partners will have to knock down shots after shots for each loss. For best results, don’t bring any artists to the party.


Flip, Sip, or Strip

There is nothing too complex about this one. You flip a coin, call heads or tails before it lands, and make a choice if you’re wrong—remove an article of your clothing (a pair is counted as one item) or take a sip of your drink. Lucky guessers get to re-flip or pass the coin, and for every three good strokes, you can retrieve an item of clothing you previously may have lost.


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Flip Cup

This is one of the most popular drinking games. For this, you need a large stomach and good hand-eye coordination. Take your positions by the table, knock down a cup of beer, and then flip the empty plastic cup from the edge of the table. If it lands face down on the table, you pass the figurative baton to your team member. If it doesn’t, you repeat it till you find success. The first team to finish drinking and flicking wins.


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The Name is Bond

Remember how Ted and his students in popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother chugged beer whenever his news anchor friend Robin said “But um” on TV? Likewise, you can turn any movie or sitcom into a drink-a-thon, but we recommend 007, a definite party pleaser. All you need is a telly, cocktails, and a James Bond movie to make a house party go wild. Only one simple rule: Drink up whenever anyone says either James or Bond, twice if they call the full name.


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Heads Up!

The innocuous game that Ellen Degeneres plays on her show has turned into one of the cult drinking games. It’s simple enough when you’re sober— download the app, hold your device on your head while others try to explain the word that you need to guess. When beers (or alcohol of your choice) are added, every wrong guess brings teams closer to drunken debauchery.


Most Likely

It is surprising how quickly this game progresses from hilarious to scandalous. Chances are that you’ll start with something as innocent as “Who’s most likely to pass out tonight?”, and if six people point at you, you will take six shots. At this rate, you will end up discovering everyone’s darkest secrets. You don’t win if you drink the least— you win when all secrets are out. Never Have I Ever is an another favourite if you want some variation.



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