From sipping rum to trying world beers, Mauritius gently eggs you on to let go of your drinking inhibitions. The island’s top five bars are serving up unique drinking experiences, creative and different from each other.

Rum Shed at Nira Resort’s Shanti Maurice

Rum Shed in South Mauritius is a shabby-chic rum bar seeped in Mauritian culture, and reputably one of the best bars in Mauritius. It echoes the style of the traditional rum shops found across the island. With over 180 types of rum sourced from 36 countries, the collection is most impressive. Try the signature Rum Dawa—a cocktail made with lime, honey, sugar, lemon and ginger-infused rum. The traditional Mauritian snack called gadjacks (gateaux, samosas or dholl puri) and freshly grilled and barbecued catch goes well with the drinks. The bar rocks with local music performances and food is served on small individual heated bricks with hot coals. That’s as authentically Mauritian as it gets. They also have the authentic tiffin menu created by Chef Willbald Reinbacher, that reflects the Indian roots of Mauritius. Matching the quirkiness of the drinks  is the bar’s shabby chic décor that brings it character: tavern-like windows and doors, and walls lined with wood planks from old fishing boats and tables and chairs are crafted meticulously out of bicycle rims. Fifty-gallon oil drums hang as light fixtures, lending the place a cool pirates den sort of a feel.

Moustache Bistro

A quirky paradise for gourmet wine aficionados makes Moustache Bistro one of the best bars on the island. You may not expect really fine wines in Mauritius, especially outside the posh resorts, so this bar is a welcome surprise. The wooden chalet sits in the shadows of the Tamarin Mountain, is quite a find for vinophiles. Its décor is comically quirky. What makes it one of the best bars in Mauritius? Think chunky beams dropping chandeliers made of recycled wine bottles and pictures of celebrities like Megan Fox, David Beckham, Mahatma Gandhi —but with moustache stuck on their faces. Get here early to try an aperitif and then settle down with a bottle you choose from their rather wide collection.

Lambic Restaurant and Bar

Tapping into the lovers of world beer A well-stocked beer hall inside a 19th century colonial house in the island’s capital-Port Louis, with jazz music playing in the low-lit lounge—this, in nutshell, is how wonderfully chilled out this gastropub is. Craft beer and modern Mauritian grub live a happy marriage here. Choose from the 70 bottled craft beers from around the world, or sample a brew from the bar’s own microbrewery—the Flying Dodo. Our pick—Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.

The Beach House

A lively destination for sundowners, The Beach House is located on the bustling Grand Baie. Owned by the famous South African former rugby player, Cabous Van der Westhuizen, this high energy zone have sports matches running on big screens, and live music. But the highlight of the place is the rustic terrace that lets you gaze at Grand Baie’s emerald lagoon, while you sip on your favourite tipple.

Banana Beach Club

Head to the Banana Beach Club for the best mojito on the island. To chat with locals and listen to live music as well; this is the only one on the island with a fine restaurant and nightclub. It also offers the best mojito in town. Try a local Phoenix or choose from the extensive choice of fresh fruit cocktails. Opt for the grill from The Gourmet Grill menu and hop up to Zanzibar Nightclub to get a feel of the Mauritus club culture.