With festivities come some serious sweet tooth, and the time to shower ourselves and loved ones with exotic desserts! These hidden gems around India are the perfect places for that awesome dessert gift. By Nitya Malik

1. Nik Baker’s, Delhi

A brand which came from Australia to India, became famous in Chandigarh and now is making a name for itself in Delhi too. At Nik Baker’s, everything is made using the finest of ingredients — try from their ensemble of desserts, pastries and other eatables too. Their blueberry cheesecakes and puddings come highly recommended.

2. Β Berry’D Alive, Bangalore

This bakery shop is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with a focus only on desserts. Nutella Pudding, Hazelnut Creme Pot and different kinds of pavlova and tarts come highly recommended.

3. The Baker’s Dozen, Mumbai

It is an artisan bakery, where bakery products are made with no chemicals and preservatives. They are known for their authentic European breads and different kinds of bakery products.

4. Cookie’s Jar, Chandigarh

This bakery is known for its cakes, experimenting with different flavours and themes. They are mostly famous for their custom-made products. Want to personalise a dessert gift box for your loved ones? This should be your go-to place.

5. 8th Day Cafe & Bakery, Kolkata

This bakery’s architecture is inspired by the colonial style. Their motto is to create a place where good things happen. The products are delicious and creative! Don’t forget to try their cupcakes!

6. German Bakery, Pune

If you want to satisfy your family’s or friend’s sweet tooth this Navratri, then this is a must-visit. Their goods are inspired by the idea of celebrating people, cuisines, and cultures. Don’t miss out on this pleasant bakery.

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