Next time you’re in Barcelona, you know where to head for some of the best churros and chocolate. Hot, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and dunked into dark chocolate, this is a one way trip to sweet paradise.


Churrería Laietana


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In keeping with the odd hours usually kept by churrerías, this one located on Via Laietana between Plaza Urquinaona and Plaza Jaume can be hard to catch while it’s open (either early morning or later in the afternoon). If, however, you plan it just right, you will be rewarded with some of the best and crispiest churros in Barcelona (no soggy, oil-loaded churros here). Churrería Laietana, Via Laietana 46, Barcelona, Spain +34 932 681 263


Granja La Pallaresa


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Granja La Pallaresa is one of the most famous spots in Barcelona for chocolate, and rightfully so. It opened in 1947 and has been serving traditional churros and thick, dark hot chocolate with freshly whipped cream (this is called a ‘suizo‘ – swiss) ever since. Located in the Gothic neighbourhood on a street known for its chocolate cafés (Calle Petritxol), Granja La Pallaresa is a classic, can’t-miss stop for chocolate enthusiasts. Word on the street is that their crema catalana (the Catalan version of crème brûlée) is just as incredible as their selection of fresh pastries. Granja La Pallaresa, Calle Petritxol 11, Barcelona, Spain +34 933 022 036

La Nena


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This Gràcia establishment boasts some of the best churros and chocolate in the neighbourhood. And with shelves filled with books, cards, and board games, it attracts kids of all ages. This tiny café is always packed, and has a long menu of pastries, drinks, and sandwiches, not to mention gluten-free bread for those travellers who can’t enjoy the delicious fried dough of achurro. If you’re in the mood to sip your chocolate a la taza (in a mug) while playing a rousing game of ‘UNO’ with friends or family, this is the place for you. La Nena, Carrer Ramon y Cajal 36, Barcelona, Spain +34 932 851 476



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In the churro game, Comaxurros is the new kid on the block. Comaxurros is the brainchild of Marc Muñoz and Lluís Estrada Canal, and was opened in 2013 right next door to the latter’s famous family pastisseria. Located in Sarrià, this churrería serves their modern take on the centuries-old treat: it can be enjoyed savory or sweet with a number of toppings, alongside perfectly sweetened hot chocolate. The two masterminds behind this café were looking to create the perfect churro, and some believe they have achieved just that. Bonus – they now have a food truck, so if you’re lucky, you’ll spot their traveling churros. Comaxurros, Calle Muntaner 562, Barcelona, Spain +34 934 171 053

Xurreria Sant Andreu


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Tucked away in the less touristy neighbourhood of Sant Andreu, but still close enough to the metro to be located easily, is one of the best-kept secrets in Barcelona: Xurreria Xocolateria Sant Andreu. Beloved by locals and all who visit, the churros and chocolate found here have been known to turn non-believers into churros’ biggest fans. Xurreria Sant Andreu, Carrer Gran de Sant Andreu 241, Barcelona, Spain +34 933 118 754