When countries around the world are coming up with unique strategies to safely resume tourism, Bermuda has introduced a year-long residency programme. Travellers, are you listening? By Kumar Shree

The pink-sand beaches and the dreamy backdrop of Bermuda are waiting for you with open arms. The Bermuda government has launched a one-year-long residency programme for tourists through which it is inviting remote workers to come and stay in the country for a year. Remote workers and students can now spend a year in Bermuda! Can you beat that?


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The idea behind this initiative is to revive the tourism economy of the island that has come to a screeching halt due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, the government has also put some conditions in place to make sure that no resident of the country loses his/her job to the incoming tourists.

If you are planning to take this offer up, you must have health insurance, proof of employment or enrollment in higher education, and be above 18 years of age to qualify for this programme.

Bermuda’s Minister of Labour, Jason Hayward said, “Remote working has been a growing trend for some time and is something the Bermuda Government has been examining as part of its technology-focused economic diversification strategy. The trend towards remote working has been accelerated by COVID-19.” You can listen to his full statement on CITV Bermuda Youtube channel.


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As per the government’s official website, the residency certificate will come at a charge of USD 263 (INR 19,657), and the application will be made live on or before August 1.

Bermuda has also extended its tourist visa from the usual 90 days to 180 days.

Other Countries With Similar Programmes

Barbados and Georgia have also launched similar long-term residency programmes for remote workers. While Georgia is offering a stay of six months or longer, Barbados has launched a year-long programme like Bermuda.

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