A new luxury train in the western hemisphere is giving us gasp-worthy travel goals. Now you can explore the majestic Machu Pichu mountains from the comfort of your cabin, with world class Peruvian cuisine and top-notch service at your disposal. By Sujitha Sundaram


The newly launched Belmond Andean Explorer allows travellers to discover the breathtaking beauty of Peru, while traversing the vast stretch of the Andes and Lake Titicaca, with a few towns peppered along the way. The La Raya mountain range, painted a deep orange by the setting sun, is the picture-perfect moment you can capture from the viewing platform in the Observation Car. You may even spot wild llamas and alpacas grazing on the mountains. Several pit stops guarantee that you see the most of your destination, one of which is the former power centre of the Incans, Raqch’i, now an archaeological site.


belmond andean explorer
Valley of hidden Inca stone city ,Machu Picchu.

Here, a temple is dedicated to Wiracocha, the creator-deity of the Andean-Incan mythology. Only 48 passengers are allowed on board per journey on Belmond Andean Explorer so that there is plenty of space to unwind and relax. A Spa Car offers various luxury treatments using an exclusive Peruvian range of products along with a Germaine de Capuccini collection for ultimate relaxation. The interiors of the train, designed by Inge Moor of The Gallery, London, incorporates the colours and textures of Peru’s natural beauty and immerses passengers further in the experience.


belmond andean explorer
Vinicunca (Montana de Siete Colores), or Rainbow Mountain, Pitumarca, Peru


On board the Belmond is a specially designed menu by the ambassador of Peruvian cuisine, Diego Muñoz who wishes for the richness of his country to reflect on the journey and the plate. For this, he sources fresh regional produce that gives a top-notch culinary experience encapsulating Peruvian cuisine. Try out his Alpaca Tortellini or sip on a Lima Bean Cappuccino as you enjoy the fleeting picturesque landscapes. With one and two night packages available, explore the quaintness of Cusco, Arequipa and everything in between.