While international holidays have taken a backseat for most Indians, travelling within India has grabbed the front row now. Therefore, one domestic option that you can safely explore post-COVID-19 is the sea-facing beach town of Bekal in Kerala. Here’s why! By Chandrani Pal


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Located in the northernmost district of Kerala, Bekal is a serene place for those seeking to bask in the glory of sun, ocean and beaches. The coastal town serves as the perfect escape from the hustle-bustle of concrete jungles. To add to its appeal is the rich history, culture, and natural beauty that the lesser-explored destination holds.


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The town is home to the iconic Bekal Fort, made famous by Bollywood movie Bombay, and is said to be the largest fort in Kerala. It is a keyhole-shaped fort that dates back to 1650 AD. Standing atop, one gets to enjoy the panoramic view of the beach and the Arabian Sea. The architecture here tells a story of its own. It was declared a tourist spot in 1992.

Where To Stay


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For a relaxing and luxurious vacation, make sure to book your stay at Taj Bekal Resort and Spa. The villas and rooms here are inspired by the design of Ketuvallam houseboats. Immerse yourself completely into the lifestyle of Bekal in this resort with their many cultural experiences and activities. Along with a trip to the fort, you can opt for a romantic dinner by the meandering rivers, go cruising in the backwaters of Kerala or choose from some of the other activities on offer.

What To Do

Besides a number of activities at Taj, you can even explore the area around Bekal, collect artefacts like traditional lamps made out of bronze, or visit the Madhur Temple that has a unique three-tiered dome, copper-plated roofing, and a cloistered court. The Malik Deenar Mosque that dates back to 624 AD is also a popular tourist attraction. 

The coast is home to a variety of birds too. Befriend these feathered friends while munching on some local snacks like jackfruit chips and the famous jaggery coated banana chips.

How To Get There

The nearest airports to Bekal are at Mangaluru and Calicut. To get to Taj Bekal Resort and Spa you can take a cab from one of the airports.

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