At La Belle salon in Le Méridien New Delhi, beauty services are served on a luxurious platter, as we experience a full day of pampering in a gorgeous setting. By Priyanka Chakrabarti

New Delhi’s iconic Le Méridien hotel.

Tucked away on the fourth floor of the iconic Le Méridien New Delhi hotel is La Belle salon. This is my first visit here, and I’m told it’s known for its pedicures and manicures.

I am greeted by the staff, who give me a little tour of the space. The entire place is dominated by shades of white; sunlight seeps into the salon through the large glass windowpanes; greenery contours the exterior like a marvellous accessory; and the staff is a friendly bunch.

The La Belle salon lies on the fourth floor.

I start my day with a hair spa. After a quick analysis of my hair, the beautician suggests I try the ‘Wella Professionals’ treatment’, which, he says, would be great for my recently coloured and frizzy hair. After a quick shampoo and rinse, my beautician applies the revitalising hair mask on my scalp and hair. It is a meticulous process—picking thin strands of hair one lock at a time and smearing it with the mask to ensure every inch is covered with the nutritive elixir. The scalp massage begins—circular motions coupled with long strokes down my neck and shoulders. This 45-minute-long session puts me in a relaxing slumber. I wake up for a thorough wash and blast dry. My hair feels alive and looks lustrous.

The fourth floor where La Belle is located is a rejuvenation floor as it has everything right from spa, gym, to health café – Café at 4.

Now, I head to the mani-pedi area to experience their most talked-about services. Both sessions start together. I dip my feet and hands in lukewarm water sprinkled with soaking powder. After nail filing and cuticle removal, begins the scrubbing. For my hands, they use a strong sugar-based scrub and for my feet, a much softer lime-based one. A warm rinse later, my skin feels buttery soft and radiant. To conclude the session, I experience a nice cream and oil-based massage that ensures the pain in my limbs disappears in a puff.

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