How much will you spend on beauty? Maybe few thousands. But did you know about the insanity of this world of beauty where some people splurge lakhs on one treatment? By Shrimayee Thakur

Beauty Rituals

The pursuit of beauty has always inspired extravagance in the world. While Mary, Queen of Scots, used to bathe in white wine, Cleopatra covered her face in pure gold before going to sleep. From a nail polish worth INR 7 crore to a regeneration that inspired conspiracy theories on social media—here are some of the most luxurious beauty products and treatments in the market.

White Diamond Manicure

Beauty Rituals

Created by luxury brand AZATURE, the nail polish features crushed white diamonds worth INR 7 crore. In 2012, British singer Kelly Osbourne stirred controversy after donning AZATURE’s black diamond nail polish, which costs over INR 1 crore. This nail polish, however, has been outdone by its higher variant. Osbourne later clarified that all proceeds generated from selling the INR 7 crore bottle would go towards two causes close to her heart—The Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation and Race to Erase MS.

OROGOLD 24K Cleopatra Nano Regimen

Beauty Rituals

Inspired by Cleopatra’s infamous beauty regime that included the use of gold, this cream and the accompanying sheets contain 24 carat gold. It has three other ingredients that help reduce wrinkles and lines. After cleaning the face, the silk cream is applied. Next, three gold sheets are left on the skin for 20 minutes. The last step is applying the Nano serum on top of these sheets. This beauty regimen is believed to provide intense hydration to the skin. The nutrients and essential oils are said to leave the skin radiant and glowing. The treatment costs approximately INR 5.72 lakh.

JK7® Rejuvenating Serum-Lotion

Priced at INR 1.2 lakh for 30 ml, the JK7® Rejuvenating Serum – Lotion is the world’s most expensive anti-ageing cream. This luxury product has the purest, most luxurious essential oils, such as jasmine, rose, and chamomile, along with signature extracts and natural herbal liposomes, proteins, and peptides. Each of these ingredients is expensive even when used standalone. The company claims that this is the most potent product in its skincare line-up, and works by promoting healthy cell growth from under the skin barrier and reducing wrinkles. It is used by Hollywood executives and aristocrats.

Thread Lift

Beauty Rituals

Originally made famous by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, this treatment worth INR 3.21 lakh is a minimally invasive option for people who don’t prefer surgery. The procedure targets the face, neck, and jowls. Threads with small cones or graspers are passed under the skin with the help of a large needle, which then grab the skin from underneath and pull. This helps tighten the skin and gives it a youthful appearance. New advances in the treatment have enabled the use of dissolvable threads, unlike the initial version where the threads were left under the skin permanently. The dissolvability of the thread lowers the risk of infection.

Vampire Facial

This regimen was first made famous by Kim Kardashian when she posted a picture of herself undergoing the treatment. The name of this treatment hints at the procedure, where blood is taken out from the body and re-injected to stimulate cellular rejuvenation using a platelet-rich plasma. The plasma used is derived from the blood itself. According to experts, platelets are rich in growth factors, and act as boosters stimulating cell turnover. The treatment can cost up to INR 1.78 lakh, depending on where it is done. Be warned, Kim has herself admitted that it is a painful procedure.

20-Hand Duo Massage

Beauty Rituals

Created by the Grand Wailea Maui, A Waldorf Astoria Resort in the US, to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2011, this couples massage, priced at INR 1.43 lakh, is unique for the sheer number of people it involves. Ten massage therapists work on each person to create an even and simultaneous pressure all over the body, forcing the brain to relax. First, the couple enjoys a hydrotherapy experience, which includes hot tubs with bath salts representing each Hawaiian island, and Japanese style furo baths. After that, the couple comes together for refreshments, before heading to the massage table to be pampered by a total of 20 professionals.

Intense Regeneration

Cream, Crème de la Mer This coveted cream is almost legendary for its healing properties. The product also has an interesting origin story—a Germanborn aerospace physicist, Max Huber, spent 12 years researching for a formula that would help heal wounds from a severe lab explosion and restore him to full health. He experimented with Macrocystis pyrifera, a variety of kelp found in the ocean near his California home, and was successful. He therefore named his creation Crème de la Mer (Cream of the Sea) and started selling it. After his death, Estée Lauder purchased the brand from his daughter in 1965, and sells the cream today for INR 1.71 lakh.

Liquid Gold Facial

This facial, priced at INR 1.18 lakh, is used by stars like Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman. According to leading dermatologists, gold has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. A typical gold facial treatment kit comprises a gold based cream and a gold based gel, with additional ingredients that improve skin further. Usually mixed with saffron, honey, sandalwood powder, and 24-carat gold dust, the cream is followed by a gold-based gel, turmeric pack, and thin sheets of gold foil.

Guerlain’s Kisskiss Gold and Diamond Lipstick

Beauty Rituals

This lipstick, costing over INR 44 lakh, is a copy of Guerlain’s original KissKiss lipstick created in 2005 by Olivier Echaudemaison and Herve Van Der Straeten, the creative director of the luxury brand and an acclaimed designer. The original lipsticks are popular for their rich colour and hydrating formula. The KissKiss Gold and Diamond lipstick is adorned  with 110 grams of solid 18-carat yellow gold and paved with 199 diamonds of 2.2 carats each. The lipstick comes in a black lacquered wooden case with a protective black suede pouch and lip brush. This refillable lipstick can only be ordered in specific outlets.

Evian Water Bath

Beauty Rituals

Evian collaborated with Miami’s luxurious Hotel Victor to create this bathing experience. This expensive bath has a 350-gallon, infinity-edge tub with over 1,000 litres of Evian Natural Spring Water. Tennis royalty Serena Williams christened this concept when it was launched, saying she could immediately feel the difference made by Evian. The water is said to revitalise and nourish the skin. Gerber daisies enhance the experience. The bath costs approximately INR 3.5 lakh, and is available exclusively to guests staying in the INR 4 lakh penthouse.

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