Behind the Scenes: Beauty and the Beast

It’s been exactly one week since the launch of Beauty and the Beast. The critics are raving, so is the audience, and we still can’t get over how our little Hermoine Granger is now the gorgeous lead in another fantasy fiction. This #ThrowbackThursday is about going back to the sets of the movie and digging out some interesting things that happened behind the scenes.




  • Over 8,700 candles (or 104,400 inches of wax) were used as set decoration during production. That’s so much wax; we kid you not.
  • The ballroom floor in the Beast’s castle is made from 12,000 square feet of faux marble and its design is based on a pattern found on the ceiling of the Benedictine Abbey in Braunau, Germany. The 10 glass chandeliers in the ballroom – each measuring 14 feet by 7 feet –are based on actual chandeliers from Versailles which were then frosted, covered in fabric and candlelit.
  • Approximately 1,500 red roses were grown or purchased during production for use as research or set decoration. We wonder who went around looking for them.
  • The enchanted forest which surrounds the Beast’s castle and features real trees, hedges, a frozen lake and 20,000 icicles, that took 15 weeks to build.


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