On any given day we would like to embrace our favourite bikinis, get that sun hat out, and a Pinacolada in hand to let the knots in our head loose. Make it in a North-African country lying on the Atlantic as well as the Mediterranean with exotic beaches aplenty and you will have us begging for that passport. Well, looks like these Moroccan beach towns are definitely on our travel bucket-list! By Shubhanjana Das

1. Agadir

Let’s start with the biggest and most developed coastal town of Morocco — Agadir. Located in the country’s heart on the Atlantic belt, Agadir is for the ones seeking a dash of western culture generously intermixed with Moroccan tradition and heritage. Unlike the other smaller beach towns in Morocco, Agadir has its share of modern cafes, restaurants, bars, and casinos.

2. Essaouira

Essaouira is one of the most accurate representations of the Moroccan laid-back life. If we had to plan a perfect day in Essaouira, it would be devouring local cuisine at the cafes, shopping souvenirs at the art shops and stalls, having the windy beach at our disposal for some good amount of ‘Vitamin Sea’, and ending the day with a gorgeous sunset and fresh seafood from Essaouriya’s busy fishing port. Sounds like an ideal beach-getaway to us.

3. Mirleft

Mirleft is for the ones who have more days in hand to spend in Morocco and wouldn’t mind exploring the smaller, less crowded coastal towns of Morocco. Known mostly to domestic tourists, Mirleft is a quiet and traditional coastal town, although the beach is 2.5 kms from the actual town. So, as long as you have your daily commute from your stay to the beach covered, you will have a pristine Moroccan beach to yourself and avoid the crowd.

4. Asilah

The perfect place to combine history with leisure travelling is Asilah, a small coastal town along the Atlantic ocean whose blue and white establishments remind us of the blue town of Chefchaouen. The town’s historic remnants remain intact and the beach is one of the most breathtaking spots to catch a sunset that pictures cannot ever do justice to. If you truly want to get away and loiter on the streets of a quaint Moroccan coastal town, it can’t get better than Asialh.

5. Sidi Kaouki

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Когда же лучше всего поехать в Марокко? Как по мне, совершенно прекрасное время для поездки в это Королевство с сентября по середину ноября. Маййские хоть и прекрасны своими зелеными лугами и апельсиново-абрикосовым сезоном (дада, сейчас собрали первый урожай абрикос), но грозят вам прохладной погодой на севере страны, а лето – знойной жарой. Местоположение Марокко на карте мира, сделало его климат совершенно не африканским😂Большая часть страны покрыта горами Атласа, а настоящая Сахара начинается только далеко на юге, где пустыня подступает к берегу океана. Хребты Атласских гор защищают Марокко от зноя пустынь и в то же время задерживают влагу, которую несут ветры из Атлантики. Поэтому там нет изнуряющей жары. А на побережье океана и вовсе не африканская погода – температура редко поднимаетcя выше +27. Ну а на фото: +24, дует прохладный и свежей ветер, справа пасутся ослики, позади меня – верблюды, а где то там вдали – скачут лошади вдоль кромки океана. Невероятная красота🇲🇦💛💚#марокко #morocco #travelgirl #путешествие

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For the ones travelling with family, Sidi Kaouki is where you should lodge yourself. The north of the town has rock pools during the low tide while the southern part boasts of an endless stretch of the coastline. With family-run guesthouses and friendly cafes, this town is easily the best one to visit with family.

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