The Bawah Reserve Served As The Perfect Base For The Klove Boys’ Indonesian Vacation

Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth of the klove Studio, were recently on a vacation in Indonesia. They explored the best of this country while staying at the Bawah Reserve. We got hooked right at the first gaze of their images. Lets’s give you a glimpse of their vacation and the outstanding property. By Kumar Shree

The Bawah Reserve located in the remote Anambas Archipelago of Indonesia sits in the middle of lush tropical greenery and azure blue ocean. The secluded location is around 300 km to the east of Singapore and offers absolute serenity and tranquillity that will instantly put you at ease, and will make you fall in love with the place. The previously uninhabited marine conservation area sits in the middle of the pristine turquoise waters, clear blue lagoons, and coral reefs. The Bawah Reserve is an absolute haven for those seeking outdoor water sports adventure in a setting that is equally relaxing and knows how to drive sustainable luxury.

Here’s what the klove Boys have to say about their vacation, “We were situated right on the water and were completely isolated from civilisation. It was such an amazing experience and I think it’s something that we all need to do from time to time. With us, especially living in Delhi, there’s just a constant movement of things, whether it’s social or work. It’s hard to fully relax when you’re in a city as there is always something that needs your attention.” Well, that kind of sums up what you can expect when at the paradisiacal property.

“Escaping to Bawah really allowed us to disconnect from everything and reconnect with ourselves, each other and nature. We spent mornings watching the sunrise while kayaking in the open sea. We could spend afternoons deep-sea diving where you essentially experience a whole other world. It’s in these moments where you appreciate how beautiful life is and how blessed we are to live on such a beautiful planet. It was a much-needed holiday for both of us and we would love to be able to do this at least once a year.” They further added.

Getting There: The journey of getting to the Bawah Reserve is as exciting and thrilling as the experience of being there. You can start from Singapore. From there you are escorted to the Batam International Airport and then comes the best part – seaplane. A smooth 80-minute journey and you are there, all ready to soak in and enjoy.

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