Work From Home Is Passé! Barbados Says, Work From The Beach Instead!

Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley recently announced a 12-month-long Barbados Welcome Stamp that her government is currently working on. It is a special visa for remote workers with a one-year validity that will allow them to work from the beach of Barbados. By Kumar Shree

The Coronavirus pandemic has compelled the tourism industry to come up with innovative strategies to encourage travellers to travel again. Work from home is a concept that has become the fashion of the hour, worldwide. In fact, several studies predict it to be the next big trend in global work culture. And destinations around the world and tapping on this to lure travellers.

Barbados becomes one of the first countries to introduce ‘work from the beach’ scheme. The Barbados Government is working to create a 12-month-long Barbados Welcome Stamp. It will be a special visa for remote workers with a validity of up to a year at a time. Simply put, you can now ditch the confines of your home to go to this beach paradise and work with the ocean as your view and the beach as your work station.

This special visa scheme is in its final stages of development and is expected to be finalised soon. Once it comes into effect, Barbados will be waiting for you! Since remote working needs pretty minimal infrastructure, it will surely gain popularity in the times ahead. All that you need to work remotely is a laptop and a robust internet connection. That’s pretty much it.

It will also make sense for remote workers to live in a country that offers a cheaper lifestyle than the one they currently reside in. That is one of the other factors that will make this trend a huge hit!

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