The Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, in his announcement on July 5 declared that Bali will reopen its borders for international tourism starting September 11. By Kumar Shree

The Bali Governor recently signed the ‘New Era of Life Order Protocol’, which is a decree to regulate the reopening of Bali’s economy. This new decree outlines three phases of the reopening of Bali and getting its economy back on track. The third phase will see the return of broad tourism activities and international tourists to the country.


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Bali also organised a mass prayer on Sunday, July 5. The prayer meet visited by thousands happened at the Besakih Hindu temple in Karangasem town. Bali asked for the blessing, guidance, permission, and protection of God. As reported by The Bali Sun, “For this reason, we surrender completely and sincerely, while pleading with Him to be pleased to give the best gift to all of us,” Governor Koster said after the worship.

Governer Koster closed the ceremony by asking the people for their support and participation. He said, “I ask [everyone] to carry out activities in these three stages by applying the ‘New Era of Life Order Protocol’ in an orderly and disciplined [manner], and with a full sense of responsibility such as always wearing a mask/face shield, keeping a distance, not crowding, diligently washing hands, and [following a] clean and healthy behaviour, as well as maintaining endurance.”


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Phase 1 from July 9

The first phase will witness the reopening of local businesses. Other entities to reopen doors will be health services, government offices, religious places, transportation services, markets, restaurants, food stalls, agriculture, marine, fisheries, construction and other services of similar nature.

Phase 2 from July 31

Bali will reopen its islands to domestic tourists in the second phase. All tourism activities and attractions will reopen. Indonesian travellers can also travel to Bali once this phase comes into effect.

Phase 3 from September 11

Bali will officially reopen to international tourism in the third phase starting from September 11.

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