Foodies in Bengaluru can take a sigh of relief as bakeries in the city will now stay open for deliveries and takeaways. Now, at least we can satiate our sweet tooth. By Kumar Shree​


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This lockdown has been difficult for each one of us, and understandably so. After all, if you’re stripped of your basic routine all of a sudden, it is going to be difficult. But let’s admit it, the situation is more difficult for some than others. Think of wanderers and foodies and you’ll understand what we mean. While keeping that travel itch in check is a task in itself, if you happen to be a foodie, we can completely understand what you’re going through. But, we have good news for the residents of the Silicon Valley of India. Bakeries in Bengaluru will now stay open for takeaways and deliveries even during the lockdown. Now order that pastry you’ve been craving and you can thank us later.

What Made This Possible?​

​An order issued on Monday, April 6 exempted the manufacturers of bread, biscuits, condiments, confectionery, and sweets from this lockdown. Mr Rajendra Kumar Katariahe, the state nodal officer for Essential Commodities and Supply Chain Management, mentioned that these products are consumed by most of the population, hence they need to stay open and functional.​


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There’s More!​

​While there is no clear word about whether the lockdown will extend beyond April 14 or not, the Karnataka government is also planning to open the liquor stores in case of an extension. The decision, if materialises, is expected to help the state government with revenues. Since this is something only time will tell, we suggest you concentrate on those Banoffee pies for now.

Which Stores Are Open?​

Magnolia Bakery, Iyenger Bakery, Gooeylty Brownies, Cupcake Bliss, and Budapest Bake Inn are some of the popular stores who are already open.

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