Bahrain offers an experience that merges adventure with respite in the best way possible. By Anita Rao Kashi


The Bahrain coastline offers the best water sports activities in the region. But for a truly exciting experience, try fly-boarding. Using a funky looking contraption that is attached to a jet ski, the flyboard lifts you 40 feet up in the air to hover over the sea and even dive headlong into the water. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, this adrenaline pumping adventure allows you to dive into water and soar into the sky with amazing speed and dexterity.  


Get a hefty dose of the many influences that underlie Bahraini cuisine at Veranda Cafe. The setting is both homey and elegant, giving a sense of coziness without being tacky. On offer is a variety of Middle-Eastern breads, salads, skewered chicken, fried food and meat. The restaurant also lays out an elaborate barbecue buffet on weekends.  


The 15th-century Arad Fort located in Muharraq was built by the erstwhile Bedouin Dynasty of Jabrids. It is smaller and less conspicuous than Bahrain Fort, but is ideal for a leisurely exploration. Built as a water fortress to keep marauders at bay, the fortress is built of coral limestone in traditional Islamic style. The tall ramparts provide beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding areas.  


The Spa at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain is a luxurious and modern version of an ancient Greek scene with an atrium pool with a Greek-inspired fountain, which immediately relaxes the mind, and thereby the body. The spa itself is a haven of indulgence with comfortable relaxation areas, plunge pools, hammams and other facilities. It offers treatments with minerals from the Dead Sea, thalassotherapy and poultice massages, in addition to beauty and body treatments.  


At The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Manama, the beach and the sea are just a breath away. With the jewel-blue waters as the backdrop, the sprawling resort in the Arabian Gulf offers guests access to a private beach to relax and lounge, while its elegant rooms cocoon them in luxury. Besides, it offers a staggering 11 dining outlets, including an authentic Mexican restaurant with Mexican art, that serves an array of cuisines.  

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