Avva’s Cafe in Bir is bringing delicious South Indian food to the hills since last year and has become a favourite in the region. By Japleen Kaur

When Suraj, a resident of Pune came to Bir for a vacation, he realised that there is a major lack of good South Indian food in the hills. Forget good, there was none. And that’s how the whole idea of Avva Cafe came into being. Soon after, Suraj’s parents moved to the hills to embark on this entrepreneurial journey.

Today, their warm hospitality and welcoming smile is one of the main reasons for people to keep coming back to the cafe.

Avva’s (which is named after Suraj’s mom) is located near the landing sight with green fields as the backdrop, and the Dhauladhar’s rising above. Wooden benches with tables are lined up on the ground level of the restaurant, with white walls on two sides, and the other two left open to let you enjoy the view.

There is also a rooftop space with low-seating tables and the prettiest lamps that will make your nights memorable. Watch paragliders fly across the blue sky from here and sip some yummy filter coffee. Oh, I’ve spent hours doing that.

Coming to the food — first up, everyone gets a bowl of rasam-chana as a welcome drink. That is enough for anyone to fall for this place. You can choose from crispy dosas, tasty sambar-chaval, idlis, vadas, poha, and so much more. With a chill in the air, hot homemade food, and a view to die for, there is nothing else you’d ever need. And, Aunty (Suraj’s mom) makes everything herself right from the scratch.

You could visit this cafe anytime between 10 am to 8pm, but the sunsets from the rooftop are something that should not be missed.

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