It is said that autumn pries out the colours from leaves. While the rest of the year sees them in vivid greens, during autumn, the leaves reveal a kaleidoscope of dazzling colours. But it’s not just the colours of the leaves. It’s the gorgeous clear skies, the lovely fruits, and that hint of chill in the air that makes this season as beautiful as it is. Read on to know where you can witness this beautiful season in its full glory! By Quoyina Ghosh

1) Kashmir

There’s no end to the poems written about Kashmir — and rightfully so! Kashmir is beyond beautiful. Colours spill itself into this valley in the magnificent shades of Chinar, the serene snowy peaks and the blue waters of Dal lake. If you seek the valley where rainbows end, Kashmir is your pot of gold!

2) Kinnaur

This gorgeous place in Himachal Pradesh is like a dream personified. Come autumn, and the place blooms with crunchy apples in its various orchards, flowing blue rivers and auburn leaves on its trees. If this sounds appealing to you, simply rev up your car and start driving!

3) Uttarakhand

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Home to the stunning Valley of Flowers, the season of autumn adds a lovely charm to this valley. Just after autumn, the valley falls asleep under a thick coat of snow until summer. From the lovely flora to the stunning fauna, this valley is a treat for sore eyes!

4) Ladakh

There’s just something about the mountains and fall, isn’t there? Ladakh is known for its bizarre cold desert with rough yet colourful landscapes. It’s known for its unbelievable blue lakes, the coloured hills and the stunning white mountain caps. With an array of yellow, auburn, blue and popping red, autumn comes with the intentions of making this already awe-inspiring place even more beautiful!

5) Jaisalmer

Summers in Jaisalmer can get hard, so the best time for you to experience the city is during autumn. This season allows you to truly soak in the air of Jaisalmer’s ancient forts, clear star-speckled skies and cultural brilliance.

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