Parc De La Distance: Austria Has Come Up With The World’s First Social Distancing Park

While most public places all over the world remain shut due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Austria has come with an ingenious way to maintain social distancing while enjoying a day out in the park. Read on to know more. By Amitha Ameen

austria social distancing park
Image courtesy: Studio Precht/Instagram

Here is some good news for all of you who have been missing the fresh air and worrying about the lack of space during the quarantine. Designers in Austria have come up with a great solution, that lets you enjoy the great outdoors while maintaining social distancing.

Designed by Studio Precht, an Austrian design house, the park has been created on a vacant plot in Vienna. ‘Parc de la Distance,’ when viewed from above it resembles a fingerprint and features maze-like circular patterns in hedge-lined paths and also lets visitors know when a certain path is occupied.

The fingerprint concept is an ode to the one thing that all of us are missing during this pandemic – the human touch.

“Like a fingerprint, parallel lanes guide visitors through the undulating landscape. Every lane has a gateway on the entrance and exit, which indicates if the path is occupied or free to stroll. The lanes are distanced 240cm from each other and have a 90cm wide hedge as a division,” says designer and co-founder of Studio Precht, Chris Precht.

The park offers much-needed solitude outside the confines of our homes and lets us breathe in the fresh air, to meditate and just be surrounded by nature.


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